Inviting you into an    adventure of expression... 

Welcome    free-feelin'      songbirds!

If you've been saying things like:

  • "I want to SING more. . ."
  • "I want to be SEEN more. . ."
  • "I'm ready for people to HEAR me clearly. . ." 
  • "I'd love to have CREATIVE FRIENDS like me. . ."
  • "I want to commit to things that bring me more ALIVE. . ."


You're going to LOVE this experience :)

How can 30 days of singing SPARK you?

* Creativity *

Singing daily and sharing your voice with a safe, affirmative community is a BIG creative catalyst.  Whatever your creative fire is ~ whether it includes singing songs or something completely different ~ activating your voice in an emotionally-connected way holds the potential to spark that creative flame into a bonfire.

* Self-acceptance *

If you're not used to it, istening to and sharing your unique singing voice at first feels a little like being naked.  That's because your voice carries some of your most essential, embodied markers of your identity.  And the choices you make with it can allow you to see (and share), so many different angles of who you are.  If you're saying yes to singing more consistently, you're also saying yes to cultivating more acceptance and love for who you really are.   

* Natural fun *

One of the sweetest (and convenient) things about singing, is that it is 100% available to most of us, all the time.  If you're looking to activate more aliveness, part of that is about having some straight up FUN :)  And singing is one way you can do that in the comfort of your own space, without needing a bunch of gadgets, hormones, people, or even skill.  Just opening up your mouth and letting the sound come out is all it takes to connect with the joy singing can help you access.

Here's the deal:


Saying yes to 30 Days of Singing means you're ready to receive....


  • 30 Daily Invitations created to sing your heart wide open, (in 30 different ways)

  • A vibrant welcome into this song-singing portal,  providing a  comfortable, engaging, & positive foundation to sing from

  • Tips and tools along the way that will help you stay emotionally-connected, embodied, & energized throughout the month

  • An online community of singers who you'll be sharing your journey with every day through photos and videos



And the 3 simple, yet BIG actions you'll do each day are to...


1)   Read the daily prompt

2)  Engage with your singing voice for that  day's      10-15  min    practice, &

3)  Share in  our online forum about it, either through photo or video

your  singing voice is yours to claim!

And each day, I'll ask you to use it in a different kind of way...


     Here's one example of your daily prompt:

now, here's the scoop on the *singing*...

You don't need to have a ton of singing experience for this to benefit you.  For that matter, you don't actually have to have any!  Simply your love for song and creating sound is the only requirement for this to bring you more joy and aliveness.  When we love something, sometimes we think we have to be professionals at it before we even LET ourselves dive in.  

I encourage you to let yourself dive in if this feels any bit exciting to you  :)  There's nothing like feeling permission to have fun in the ways we long for.  And if singing is one of those ways for you, now is the time my friend!  

If you're still feeling like you're not sure you qualify for this experience, here are some of the people I've noticed that the act of singing is inspiring for....


  • Musicians and singers of any kind 
  • Visual artists of all varieties
  • Stay-at-home parents
  • Coaches and leaders of empowerment
  • People quarantined or working from home due to COVID-19 (hmm, basically all of us now...)
  • Helping professionals
  • Creatives of all kinds
  • Acupuncturists, massage therapists, & energy healers
  • Embodiment practitioners
  • Therapists
  • Nature lovers 
  • Dancers & personal trainers 
  • Childcare professionals and nannies
  • Graphic designers
  • Pastoral leaders & ministers
  • People committed to a recovery process
  • Entrepreneurs & managers

The common factor among anyone who is drawn to this program, is that you either LOVE to sing, WANT to sing, or already DO sing (and want to re-discover the reason why you do).  Maybe you've been doing it for years, and maybe you're just starting to take an interest in song-sharing.  Wherever you are on your journey of singing, this experience is meant to spark your passion for song, and help you step into embodying it more consistently.  It's as simple as that :)

    30 Days of Singing