what is the root of your inspiration?

soul ~ inspired

(adj):  a way of being arising from inner wisdom, true desire, and compassion that results in clear, loving, and authentic communication with self, God, and others bringing joy, passion, and meaning to Life and one’s place in it



If more people could see themselves and others this way, our collective world would be a sanctuary of rich, creative beauty…


This is the vision I speak for – both as an artist, and as a guide for others.


Suffering can be created by a separation from ourselves and our internal source of Love.  But our sanity and joy can be recovered, no matter how lost it seems to be.  Learning to engage with unique, creative acts that engage the whole person is a solution I have seen work one hundred times faster than simply analyzing a situation or challenge of the heart.  I discovered this through my own creative process, and (surprisingly) along the way it became musical art that others enjoy.  While I enjoy sharing these fruits in the way of poetry, songs, and spoken word, I also realize that the process of creating has offered profound gifts as well.  Gifts that others are now looking to cultivate...


Remembering how to hear & use our loving, creative voices in all we do...           


      changes lives from the inside out.


We can learn to become aware of this presence within ourselves, which I call the Voice of Love.  The process of remembering how to use it is the practice I cultivate every day through personal relationships, artistic expression, and professionally in my service career.  I am committed to helping as many people who wish to, remember their unique Soul’s expression as I have, and it is a delightful thrill every time I'm able to support someone in that deeply nourishing process of self-discovery.


If you are aligned with the vision of living a soul~inspired life, I'm so happy to connect!  And I would love to get to know you.  Whether you are a music fan, fellow artist, spiritual seeker, creative service professional, or just someone who loves digging deep, your story is VALUED and I hope I get to hear about it soon.  Until then, may you be inspired by the wellspring of your radiant heart's song, courageously seeing the beauty that you are...


much love,

asher leigh

what type of Soul Expression are you birthing?

it's my pleasure to sing, create, & hold space for YOU! 

(and inspire you to do the same...)



If you're feelin' the fire, here are all the ways you can touch in to receive some more...


  • Soul~inspired E-news including brief doses of inspiration and emotional tools to aide in purposeful connection, as well as updates on upcoming music events, shows, workshops, etc
  • FB & Instagram pages for more daily inspiration, digital coaching opportunities, live videos, etc  
  • Live Shows, including music performance, live coaching demos, etc.
  • Music albums and any other soul~inspired art my muse and I create together
  • Workshops and Trainings focused on recovering a secure connection with yourself, others, and your source of Divine guidance
  • 1-on-1 Soul Expression Coaching for individuals (and small groups upon request)
  • Public Speaking at events, conferences, and groups seeking inspirational figures combining art, spirituality, & emotional/mental health

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Whatever way you choose to connect, I hope to inspire you to open your voice a little more along the way...

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