less struggle, more joy.

soul ~ inspired

(adj):  a way of being arising from inner wisdom, true desire, and compassion that results in clear, loving, and authentic expression allowing us to feel securely connected to self, other, and Life as joyful and passionate beings who belong in beautiful, unique ways.



photo by:  Erica Mueller

when we feel free, *creation* is what happens...

live music performance

I am a folk singer originally from West Virginia, where my musical roots extend back to Jack Rollins, Hazel Dickens, and Kathy Mattea.  You can catch hints of all these genres in my music, but most prominent in my vocal style is alternative folk.  I've always loved the simplistic beauty of long, drawn-out melodies combined with harmony, simple arrangements, and friends to sing along with.  Call me old-fashioned, but sittin' around a campfire or living room with a stack of songs and a few friends who have nothing better to do feels just as good as being at a concert hall with a stage and microphone.  This is where I come from, and I'm happy to share it all with anyone who wants to listen and sing along. 

I call my music soul~inspired because when everything else burns away, I am left with the pureness of who I am.  A song is what comes next...

support for the "emerging creative"

Being a musician is a birthright, just as any creative endeavor is.  We all have musical abilities within us, since music is an expression of the heart.  Sound is an essential element of who we are as humans, and music is simply an organized group of sounds that remind us of our nature.

For some, music is also a calling that carries a higher purpose.  I am one of those people...

When I discovered my musicianship at the age of 25, I was instantly aware that along with creating music, I am called to help other musicians deepen their own identities, purpose, and creative potential.  Beyond sharing my own music, it is the greatest joy I have ever known to offer others the golden key to fulfillment I continue to find-- the ability to connect with a whole heart.

are you looking for support?


Providing you with safe spaces that offer the creative, spiritual, and emotionally-connected stimulation needed to integrate your role as a servant artist leader.


you're welcome to join in...

Here are some more ways we can connect...

  • Soul~inspired E-news including brief doses of inspiration and emotional tools to aide in purposeful connection, as well as updates on upcoming music events, shows, workshops, etc
  • FB & Instagram pages for more daily inspiration, digital coaching opportunities, live videos, etc  
  • Workshops and Trainings for musicians and helping professionals educating communities on the value of music in the workplace and how we can be more "music positive" in our society. 
  • Public Speaking at events, conferences, and groups seeking inspiring creative figures to share on topics related to art, spirituality, & emotional health & well being

Whatever way we cross paths, may it be made

beautiful in the light    of our wonder!