Feeling shut off from the very thing you WANT?


When I speak to someone who says, "I wish I was more creative" ... it's an automatic sign to me that they have not yet tapped into their creative source with a conscious experience of being moved by their own creative spirit

Cause when you have that experience, there ain't no turnin' back... 

You can't "un-know" the truth of your creative essence when you experience it with every cell of your being. 

You can't "un-believe" that it's possible for you to make something out of nothing, because the first time you see it happen it is miraculous and life-changing. 

And you certainly can't "un-design" your humanity to become some kind of different species (at least not yet!) who doesn't create every second of their waking life. 

It's...  JUST.  NOT.  POSSIBLE. 

When we have a direct experience with the Divine through the act of creation, I call it a Creative Awakening.  And it's what lots of us are searching for tirelessly within our pocket books, partnerships, careers, friendships, hell even our own minds, hearts, and Souls. 

And seriously, a roap map really, really helps. 

***a note of irony, for those who are interested:  The content that helped me unlock my own Creative Awakening told me very different -- it was a song, in which I expressed very succinctly that I did not need help to find my way in this world.  In actuality, this single belief cost me over $79,000 and 9 blessed years of my life spent running around looking for the directions.... 

Your road map is within you.  (I know, so annoying...) 

But I'll help you read it a little more clearly :) 


Here are 5 windows giving you direct access to your Creative Awakening: 

1) Joy.  Things that makes you smile ear-to-ear and get lost in silliness! 

2) Passion.  The stuff that makes you lose track of time, and feels effortless. 

3) Your truth.  The stuff that puts you in touch with, and helps you express your personal experiences and perceptions of yourself, life, and your surroundings. 

4) Purpose.  The stuff that deep in your heart you feel fulfills a deep need in the world. 

5) Self-inquiry.  The stuff that helps you get curious, and pose questions you don't know the answers to. 


These "windows" are like a system of organizing the activities and actions you engage with in different buckets, based on what they put you directly in touch with.  For instance, what puts you most in touch with your inner experience of passion right now?  Is it throwing parties?  Being out in the snow?  Rock climbing?  Reading fiction novels?  Writing about things you'd call nonsense?  Whatever it is, that's one of your windows.  Rinse and repeat with all the other windows, and you've now collected 5 strong ways to directly, let me repeat directly, access your creative awakening.  No confused searching, no frustration, just a pure, direct experience with exactly what you're looking for. 

So the next time you do find yourself seeking direction, or someone to give you the right answers, maybe consider saying yes to some of the "stuff" that opens these windows.  And if you feel adventurous, try some activities that combine a few :) 

Whatever you do, do NOT for a split second believe that you, or any other humanoid you know, are not granted access to the Divine gift of "being creative."  It's just.  not.  possible. 

Are you FEELING THIS??? 

I'm feelin' it. 

Tell me, how are you going to open one of your creative windows today?

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