12 months of Business Mentorship helping you    connect and clarify the

Heart, Mind, Body, & Soul of your service-oriented expression

SHARE your truth,

in SERVICE to others.


I sense that you're feeling called.  Called to offer your creativity and expression now as a direct light for others through your heart-centered business.  This is no easy call to answer!

Maybe you've spent years trying to channel your creative gifts in ways that satisfy you, AND show your deep love for the cries of the world, while getting paid.  Or, maybe this awareness is bringing you to a new desire to create your own business that can nurture this call.  However new your identity as a caring creative is, I honor your desire to creatively serve.

Thank you for honoring your next steps of soulful leadership!

By integrating and clarifying your passions, gifts, and purpose, your big, beautiful heart can feel FREE as it creates, shares, and delivers your medicine with joy and ease <3 

"Figuring it out" is the old way.

If you've been trying hard to figure out the puzzle of how to put your creative, heart-led business together, I feel you.  And I know how exhausting it is to be stuck in these mind traps:

  • Spinning your wheels doing what feels like the "right" thing, but not seeing clear results
  • Constantly over-giving to friends and family in the same ways you'd love to support people through your business
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the moving parts, and like you can't see an easier way
  • Resenting people who you've supported, personally and professionally, who you haven't felt an adequate energy exchange from
  • Jealousy and envy when you see others moving forward in the ways you desire
  • Wondering if you'll ever get to quit your side jobs and do what you really love full-time 
  • Over-analyzing everything you do to the point of mental over load, only to satisfy your inner perfectionist (who is never satisfied)
  • Fumbling through sales conversations without the confidence and self-worth you'd like to hold as your standard
  • Struggling to price your offers in a way that serves both you, and those you serve
  • You feel successful in some parts of your business, but with a sense that there are big gaps that you don't know how to fill
  • You're reaching out for free support here and there, but nothing has truly gotten you to where you want to be
  • When you think about your business, it feels like a machine that's driving you, instead of you directing its flow
  • You still consider your service business, and your creativity, as very separate parts of yourself

I see you.  You're ready to get out of your head, and into the heart of your creative business...

    The pieces CAN be put together.

    When you learn to LISTEN...

    The wisdom held within your body is infinite.  And this is exactly the wisdom your business needs from you to operate effectively.  While working together, I'll teach you how to connect with yourself and your business in a brand new way through the WHOLE practice.  This is a body-centered process developed to access and share emotionally-connected, whole-hearted, and intuitively guided expression.

    With practice, you'll be able to apply this wisdom to each and every part of your business, allowing it to feel held strongly together by your Higher Truth, and not simply by your mind.

    I'm guessing that what you really want, is to feel FREE and ALIVE and GENEROUS in your heart-led business...

    Here are just some of the results that will help you feel more of these feelings:

    • CREATING:  Service-related offers that you feel genuinely excited to share broadly and deliver
    • VISIONING:  Seeing w/clarity the creative, organizational, and directional elements of your biz
    • STRUCTURING:  Laying the foundation for your business to flow effectively and thrive
    • EXPOSING:  Finding natural channels of expressing yourself publicly to share your services
    • MONETIZING:  Pricing your offers in a way that honors you, your value, and your customers
    • SERVING:  Developing your services to people who truly benefit from the medicine you offer 
    • RECEIVING:  Opening up sales channels that allow you to be paid for offering your creative gifts 
    • CONNECTING:  Discovering who your audience truly is, and learning to connect with them, heart-to-heart

    Your creative voice IS the medicine.

    Through our work together, you'll learn how to EMBODY your creative gifts, and your voice, in vibrant ways that speak directly to the people you're serving.  Owning the UNIQUE PERSON YOU ARE, and creating from this place, is your direct path to fulfilling service.  These are just some of the tangible skills you'll learn to access from a whole new, grounded, and heart-centered place within yourself:

    • CREATIVE COMMUNICATION - Speaking up creatively with marketing content that is attractive and magnetizing  

    • AUTHENTIC WEB PRESENCE - Developing an online presence that is clear, concise, and effective 

    • COMFORTABLE SALES - Engaging with clean, successful conversations w/ potential clients who want what you have to give

    • EMPOWERED VOICE - Feeling strong, confident, and clear when you speak about, and through your business

    Excited to explore    your creative calling?

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