performance, private instruction, & self-discovery.

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
 - Mahatma Gandhi

Why go deep with music?  

The answer I've come to is simple:  Because it offers me the healthiest, strongest relationship I can have with myself, with other people, and with something Greater.  If you're starting to feel that way, or you want some of that good, connected energy around, there might be a musical path unfolding for you too.

Before the age of 25, I had received a 4-year college education majoring in psychology, and a 2-year doctorate in physical therapy.  Music was not visible in my life, at least to me - which means I didn't sing or play an instrument, and I only knew one or two people who did.  Although I had everything I needed on the outside, one thing was missing -- the fulfillment of being fully, authentically expressed as the person I was created to be (and that person, by the way, happens to be musical).    

When I moved to Asheville, my intuition (which seemed pretty crazy at the time) nudged me to start singing and writing songs.  It also guided me very specifically to buy a guitar.  So against my better judgement, I did all of that.  The formal education I have received in the field of music totals to a couple years of childhood voice lessons, 2 beginner guitar classes from AB Tech, and a few summer courses at an adult music summer camp (Swannanoa Gathering rocks!) -- all nice and spread out over a lengthy 25 year chunk of time, and most of which have happened in the past 7 years.  

I'll leave you to decide which skills you think have served me and others the most, but it seems like the more important detail to note is the non-traditional ways I learned to play, write, and perform music in a relatively short period of time.  This learning mostly came through spending time with myself and my music, and with the help of many friends and mentors along the way.  The process of self-discovery and musical discovery that led to me creating harmonious sound was nothing short of miraculous.  The good news is, that miracle is accessible to everyone who has the desire to try it out.  :)
Because my connection to music is a gift that's been given to me, it's a great joy to pass it along to others in any way I can.  


  • Songwriting can be customized for a special person, a special occasion, or a particular audience.  Intimate and meaningful songs can be written as a gift, as a ceremony, or even as a celebration.    
  • Performances  can be crafted for any well-intended purpose you may have as a host.  This includes parties, events, and anything else that brings people together for the opportunity to connect.
  • Lessons with me can offer you or your child the gift of a musical education grounded in self-inquiry, emotional presence, a whole-person approach to learning.  
  • Classes & Groups can activate the musicality of groups of all ages, allowing each person to feel seen and heard, while learning the foundational skills necessary to create beautiful music inspired and expressed by the soul.
  • Studio Music & Composition are what I offer to support other musicians as they create their own inspired vision.  I'm happy to contribute to any project that I'm inspired by, and that helps me grow as a musician and artist.  


For students of music:

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