WHOLE:  Embodied Vision   2021

8-week s of Emotions-focused Visioning

Your feelings are sacred.

(talk to my ideal client like their life depended on it....  my clearest communication of this offering)

Feeling your feelings is foundational.

Many people claim that they want something, however when they actually try to receive it become blocked. 


Why is this?


For those of us who are deeply sensitive, the answer lies in the heart.




What are the deeper underlying reasons for me joining this experience?



Here's how we'll be stepping into 2021...


What do you want?


Now what do you really, really want...


In our first session, you'll be guided in allowing your mind and body to become still, and listening to what your heart has to say about what it desires most in 2021.


Whatever emerges is perfect :)


Oh, the nuanced feelings...


For sensitive individuals, there will likely be emotions your system has to naming and embodying a meaningful vision.


How possible do you feel your vision is?

How worthy do you feel of receiving it?

How capable do you feel in creating it?


Together, we'll explore these emotions in a safe and nurturing environment :)