Clarity & guidance.

Body-centered mindfulness.

A rejuvenated and giving spirit.



Whether you resonate with music or not, you might be asking these questions...

What direction am I going in?

What does my best life look like?

How can I commit more deeply to caring for myself?

What really lights me up?

Where are my skills, passions, and values most helpful to others?

How does my soul want to flourish?

How can I learn to value myself through caring acts of self-love?

What can I do to attract more authentic relationships into my life?

What career path will most encourage me to use my gifts to their fullest?

What new attitudes can I adopt that help me feel more supported?

How can I improve my relationships with finances and money?

What are the most supportive relationship beliefs I can hold with my friends, partner(s), and community?

How can I achieve my next life and career goals with grace and ease?

What are my next steps in feeling like a whole, complete, and conscious human being?

Where is your Soul Mission calling you now?


Receive access to deep clarity, balance, & ease.

Have you ever wondered why some people have easy lives, and others struggle to feel fulfilled?

There will never be a way to know for sure.  It sometimes feels though, like some have access to some magic key, which others do not yet know about...

There is a secret, but it's not what you'd suspect.

What most of us don't realize, is that some people received important developmental information from their parents, caregivers. or community at a very young age.  So young that they do not remember learning it.  This information let them know they are cared for, loved, and that everything is generally ok. 

This information is peace, it is clarity, and it lays a foundation for the proper operation of the mind.

Many of you though, are struggling with a scattered, foggy, overwhelmed, or cluttered mind -- likely because this information and its peace was not delivered or received for a variety of possible reasons.  Or, because maybe you were not taught how to sustain it.  Many of us are not taught how to strengthen our minds, our will, and our capacity to choose how to direct and manage our thoughts and feelings.  Therefore, the struggle persists.



Body-centered mindfulness offers a path.


The mind, though, also needs direction.  

You may be seeking some support in learning how to access things like motivation, and confident decision-making, and success.

The "how" of these experiences can be learned and practiced by being in alignment with your body as a natural, intuitive messaging system and energy source.  This may seem difficult at first, because like any new skill, it is something that is not mastered immediately.


This is what mentorship can help with.  Through our focused relationship -- meaning that we will meet at regularly scheduled times you can depend on -- you will receive regular experiences you can build upon to deepen your practice of cultivating deeper mindfulness, presence, and self-appreciation.  These ways of being can be applied to any area of life creating vitality and beauty there.


Using your body's wisdom each step of the way, here are some of the strategies you'll be guided through:

  • Visualizations - The use of visual imagery and metaphor to guide your cultivation of intuition and inner expansion
  • Self-inquiry - Open-ended and/or focused questions)
  • Creative meditation - The use of creative activities to cultivate clarity, presence, and new integration of ideas
  • Affirmations - Finding positive belief systems tailored to your needs that support your highest health and wellbeing
  • Journaling & Writing - Expressing through writing to move through emotions, gain insight, and reach clarity
  • Embodied movement exercises - Practices of releasing energy from the body and accessing deeper sensory information
  • Homework - Receiving assignments (with consent) that expand upon experiences received in live sessions



Other tools & strategies you'll learn:


Active meditation 

Embodied presence

Breath work & vocalization 

Intuitive Collaging 


Experiential learning activities 

Engaging with the "classroom of nature" 

Ceremony & ritual 

Intentions, affirmations, & goal-setting

And who will you be when you listen?



In the past, I'm guessing you've been someone who fought some hard battles,  And although you might be in a better place now, you also might notice yourself still needing a helpful perspective, fresh ideas, and a positive, dependable presence to help you deepen your presence.





Hiring a professional mentor may help you with some of the following challenges: ​​​​​​

  • Boredom and apathy
  • Avoidance or rigidity of goals
  • Lack of motivation
  • Feelings of shame, guilt, or self-doubt
  • Difficulty being vulnerable and connecting emotionally
  • Moving your relationship life forward in a healthy way


What would your life look like 3 months from now, after investing focused time and energy towards cultivating your presence?

Some possible outcomes may include:

  • Improved connection in relationships
  • Greater confidence personally and professionally
  • Making decisions with more ease
  • Feeling generally more healthy, happy, and whole
  • Deeper enjoyment of day-to-day experiences
  • Greater harmony with family or relatives
  • A sense of meaning and purpose in your life
  • Feeling inspired in your direction with aspirations and goals
  • An increase in positive emotions

Putting the pieces together.


If you are interested in receiving a more generalized form of support for direction and guidance in your life, the themes below may offer some focus for our work together.  By spending time exploring these themes both in our live sessions and between scheduled appointments, a deeper presence will begin emerging for you that will be palpable and influential in your life.


We could spend time in each of these areas, or focus in on one or a few.  Whatever serves your process most:


VALUES. What do you find most meaningful?  By getting curious about what is most important, you can completely shift how you engage with your life and the people in it.

LIFE BALANCE. How harmonious do the difference aspects of your life feel?  As we learn more about how one area of life affects all the others, we recognize the value in creating more balance between them using self-care and self-organization techniques.     

PURPOSE & MEANING. How fulfilling is your life right now?  Getting clear on your values and beginning to feel the richness of our experience can allow us to truly appreciate what we have been given, and what is nourishing our souls with a reason for being.

MOTIVATION. What is driving you?  Clarifying what helps you feel that extra nudge to move things forward is a huge key to getting on a growth-centered, positive track in life.  We'll be identifying this from the very start of working together. 

DECISION-MAKING. How do you make small, and important decisions?  By beginning to develop self-trust, we bring our locus of control inward and focus less on external standards.  Creating self-satisfying standards for success, we feel where our true potential lies.

PASSION. How inspired, engaged, and energized do you generally feel?  Discovering internal sources of passion, our energy shifts from feeling dull and stagnant, to feeling bright and fired up about being alive.  

SELF-WORTH. How accepting are you of love, acceptance, and appreciation?  When we begin to treasure ourselves for the miraculous, precious presence we live and breathe, we begin to offer this to others as well.

EMBODIMENT. How grounded, stable, and secure do you feel?  The bodies we've been given are our spiritual homes, and in order to truly live and interact harmoniously with other people and our surroundings we need to be fully in them.  We'll practice doing just that.

I'm here for you.

Formally I have a doctorate level education in physical therapy, as well as a certification in life coaching from iPEC.  

Experientially I have been actively engaged on a deepening spiritual path for the last 15 years.  Life themes I feel competent to mentor others in include:  creative process, transitions, self-leadership, interpersonal connection, identity, spirituality, self-esteem, money, entrepreneurship, self-expression, purpose discovery and career development, and recovery from food or process addictions. 

I am currently enrolled in a graduate program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling, anticipating graduation and licensure in summer of 2023. 

~ Asher

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