Connected music with people = bonding! 

...Especially when it's people who understand your needs, desires, and challenges <3

Group experiences and workshops can be created to be either educational or healing, depending on your particular needs.  They can also benefit groups of many sizes.  Small groups are usually more intimate, form tighter bonds between participants, and tend to pull up stronger emotions due to the intimacy naturally created in close quarters.  Larger groups are more appropriate if it's important to include everyone in your organization, or if you'd like to educate your large group on a particular topic using music as a primary tool.  

If your family -- whether that be your blood relatives, co-workers, living partners, or group of friends -- is looking for a creative way to come together, group lessons or classes can be a great way to make that happen.

Here are some possible groups and workshops that could benefit your family, organization, or group:

  • Family Music Lessons -- Learn how to sing, play the guitar, and/or write songs together with the people you love most - your family!
  • The Presence of Songwriting -- Using the tools of mindfulness as a method of writing emotionally and spiritually-connected songs
  • Sing Your Life -- Giving participants the space to experiment with connected singing and songwriting in playful and meaningful ways
  • Sacred Song Circle -- Joining together in a self-reflective song-sharing space, for the purpose of mindfulness, growth, and healing
  • Singing, Guitar, & Songwriting Practice Group -- Supporting one another in whatever musical skills we're all currently working on

**All group experiences and workshops are priced on a case-to-case basis according to group size, marketing assistance, and location.  

Here's what some people have said about previous song circles & workshops:

"This group feels like emotional availability in a sacred space.  It is an empathetic, cherished community holding each other in open arms."

"Sometimes the call within our souls becomes overlooked, misunderstood, or outright ignored.  Answering the call to attend this group mirrored back to me that which my soul had been (literally) dying for -- connection, love, trust, and synchonicity are just the crystals at the top of the ice berg.  I am touched and deeply grateful."

"This is a place, a vexus where alchemy, time, and prose plays with music through human beings.  By being here, we are in deeper connection with each other and all things."

"I feel that Asher helps us find a way to truly express your heart song, be heard, and to witness others -- a true community"

"In this experience I've discovered something special -- this silence is the reverence where we can breathe, and be."

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