voices of love

Focused Guidance & Mentorship 

Feel your truth, and make a home in yourself 

personally, professionally, creatively, & spiritually!

Be connected.

Be clear.

Be your voice of love. 

If you've ever wanted to be known, you get what I mean when I say that feeling invisible is a nightmare. 

Why then, can it be SO uncomfortable when we try to be seen and heard for who we are? 


I invite you to see, taste, and feel a different reality . . . 

Imagine that you are able to: 

SPEAK YOUR TRUTH allowing the vibrant ways you express yourself to light you and others up as you use your voice to speak your thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants. 

VULNERABLY OPEN UP to receiving love from yourself and others, securely rooted in your self as you attract the personal and professional relationships that most align with you. 

CLEARLY CONNECT with yourself, and the people in your life as you embrace and embody your wholeness --  mind, heart, and body -- loving who you are and what you offer the world.

* FEEL RECOGNIZED & VALUED through the time and attention you give the parts of yourself who are most needing, and wanting your love

LOVE & HONOR YOUR TRUE SELF by recognizing parts of your essential nature that yearn to feel safe coming out from hiding behind unconscious protection strategies

You want to hear, and feel, your inner voice...

Are you feeling challenged with some of the following?

  • Your relationship with creativity.  It might feel hidden, buried, or hard to access.
  • Emotions.  You have patterns of either avoiding them and numbing yourself, or letting them consume you.

  • Perfectionism.  You've got it, and you'd like to get rid of it.

  • Relationships.  When you try and connect deeply with others, things tend to get crazy, blocked, or feeling not so good.

  • Creative projectsYou have a hard time completing them peacefully, if at all. 

  • Self-sabotaging.  You see yourself preventing things you really care about from happening.

  • Energy management.  You either feel drained all the time, or like you're a yo yo swinging back and forth between brilliance and not seeming to care at all. 

  • Decisions.  They feel difficult for you, or you constantly fear you're making the wrong choices. 

  • Mental chatter.  It's on constant auto-pilot, and crampin' your style. 

  • Performance anxiety.  You want to be seen, heard, and recognized, but you face extreme emotions every time you approach sharing yourself or your music with other people. 

  • Fear of failing (or succeeding).  You notice how squirmy or uncomfortable you get when you actually get real about a project or goal you care about. 

  • Follow-through.  You find it incredibly difficult to do what you do what you say you'll do when it comes to things that are important to you.

  • Procrastination.  You often put off actions that lead you to important goals, projects, and visions you'd like to complete.

  • Accomplishing desired goals. The things you set out to intentionally finish somehow never actually get finished. 

  • Your "normal life."  You wish it could be just as magical, and feel just as connected as your creative life.  . 

  • Creative work-life balance.  It seems like you're always needing to sacrifice one for the other. 

  • Fear of the unknown.  You notice yourself wanting to "control the outcome" of things in a self-defeating way.

  • Self-criticism.  It happens.  A lot...   


AUTHENTIC CONNECTION, forming secure bonds with others

DECISION-MAKING, becoming confident in your yes's and no's

VULNERABLE EXPRESSION, comfort w/ being seen and heard

SELF-CARE, identifying, prioritizing, & valuing personal needs

FUN, PLEASURE, & LEISURE, relaxing into quality time


What aspect of your-Self is singing to you?


CONNECT  with your craft of choice openly & authentically

CREATE  (and finish) meaningful works of art

SHARE  your meaningful creations w/ others

EXPAND & GROW  your creations to their next level of brilliance

COMPLETE & REVEAL  the fruits of your creations with ease


EXPLORE gifts, talents, passions, and empathetic sensitivities

CLARIFY your personal purpose profile

IDENTIFY your primary career path that is authentically aligned

OPEN to new possibilities of expanding knowledge and experience on your career path

COMMIT & INVEST in the next career chapter you have clarified and chosen


SETTLE into the spiritual tradition that feels most like home

FORGIVE & RELEASE old spiritual and religious wounds

COMMUNE with others who share your spiritual belief system

PRAY in emotionally-connected ways through ritual & presence

PRACTICE your spirituality through routines and commitments

Feel your goodness, w/ your TRUE VOICE.

Here are 3 big values you'll be receiving:

I'm excited to see you shine :)

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