private coaching, music mentoring, & group trainings

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
 - Mahatma Gandhi

what feels like it's CALLING you?

when we listen deeply...

We discover that inside of everyone (including ourselves) is a deep desire to create, become fully expressed in our bodies, and be part of something greater than ourselves.  To align our creative passions with a purpose that includes more than just individual fulfillment is what I like to refer to as "the human dream."  

   we are all having different versions of that dream, at many different layers of awareness...

My version now includes offering this vision of living a Soul-expressed life to anyone who is ready to play the role they were born to play.  If you're ready to live into your most natural desires and callings, whatever they are, I can help you do that with grace, ease, and joy.

There are some VERY unique ways I like to help you surrender, let go, and begin creating the life you want. 

Some of my favorites include:

  • Music, musical expression, & songwriting
  • Visualization & active meditation
  • Creative movement
  • Writing & poetry
  • Breath work & vocalization
  • Visual art & collage
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Engaging with the "classroom of nature"
  • Inner child dialogue
  • Ceremony & ritual
  • Intention & goal-setting

   there are  SO many ways in which you can receive the miracles of these offerings! 


For holistic musicians & artists: 

  • Musician Mentorship 
  • Song Circles & Practice Groups 

For any individual, group, or organization: 

  • Soul-Expression Coaching (individuals & small groups)
  • Group Workshops & Creativity Trainings
  • Customized Songwriting & Performance (personal interest, special events, ritual, etc.)

For music industry professionals: 

  • Holistic music performance (events, house shows, public venues, etc.)
  • Vocal Performance (pre-production + studio) 
  • Lyrical content & songwriting (for individuals and bands)