"Seeds of Change" mentorship program

If you ask any well-established and successful person how they have achieved what they have, most will say a big part of their success has been receiving support and mentorship from others who are a few steps beyond where they are on a similar path.  This has certainly been true for me and many of my friends in the artist world, and there is a common story I've noticed:  We always leave interactions with mentors wanting MORE.  The challenge with receiving more, is that without any form of reciprocation (such as a money exchange), most people who are a few steps beyond you are busy, and might not even be asking to be in that role.  They're nice enough to donate some time here and there to helping someone out along the way, but the time exchange isn't always as rich as it might be with someone who is being intentional about the time they're giving someone, and what they're receiving in return for their focused attention.   


Benefits of mentoring with an established leader: 

Focused mentorship is an established relationship formed between two people that is mutually supportive, but in different ways.  One person is seeking guidance on their path towards fulfillment and creative exploration, and the other person is willing to share wisdom, experience, and a listening ear to another receptive student of life and creativity.  The beauty of having a consistent mentor in your life who influences you in empowering ways, is that when you meet challenges on your path you have someone trustworthy who can count on being there to help you navigate it.  Similar to a healthy friendship, it offers the feeling of companionship and positivity in your life.  Going a step beyond friendship though, mentor support is tailored directly to honoring the identity you're wanting to step into, and the places you'd like to go next on your spiritual and creative journey.

Specifically, by pairing with a well-matched mentor you will receive:

  • Insights directly related to your unique path
  • An emotionally-supportive friendship that is focused on helping you achieve your goals
  • Suggestions and perspective from a person you respect and appreciate, both as a person and as a leader in the community
  • Regular, consistent, high-quality time with your mentor
  • Access to a community of leaders and artists who are embodying what you aspire to
  • A trusted bond with a leader in your community that holds potential for life-long companionship
  • Opportunities for collaboration with your mentor and others in their community
  • High-level learning while immersed in fun, interactive, and personal experiences together with your mentor



$120/mo for 4 hours of mentor support

**mentor hangs are paid for upfront each month, and frequency depends on the schedule of both artists




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