personal music discovery for guitar, voice, & songwriting

“It was made clear to me that Music is related to everything, especially nature and language; 
but in order to speak it naturally, I had to first make myself a part of it.” 

- Victor Wooten, The Music Lesson

Who is interested in music coaching with me?

Family music lessons are my jam!  Those who are interested in learning and growing into music with me are generally interested in a wholesome, relaxed, family-friendly relationship with the guitar, their voice, and their individual expression.  The tribe I resonate with are the folks who need help relaxing into their natural talents, joys, and passions.... into the innate wisdom within that calls them to music in the first place.  We all have an inner voice, and it's every musician's calling to find out how it wants to sing!  That's what I help with :)


Whether you want to be a rock star or just sing and play around a campfire, I'll help you express yourself with confidence, joy, and connection, sharing music that sounds beautiful to your ear, and feel authentically your own.....  My students include teachers, parents, children and teens (ages 8-18), campfire singers, potluck go-ers, etc....  And I love inspiring every one of them with the gift of music.


What is "Personal Music Discovery" ?

For those who know me, you're probably aware that my musical journey has not been black and white, or any kind of traditional.  Being primarily a self-taught musician, I thought for a long time that this meant, "I don't need or want help learning music."  What I see now though, after gaining some proficiency and confidence, is that I did need help....  Lots of it!  Along with technical skills though, I needed something else that was even more important, and that I didn't see being offered anywhere.  So I intuitively gave to myself, what I now call a process of, Personal Music Discovery.  

Learning music is not like learning math.  It's more like learning life - which is a pretty complex endeavor......

I can certainly "teach" where I've been -- basic guitar chords and transitions, beginning music theory, how to strum with steady rhythm, how to not hurt yourself playing your guitar, etc.  This is music instruction, and I am willing to do that for people who want a knowledge-based approach to learning music.  But honestly, how useful is this to someone who has a completely unique and self-created path?  What I'm so much more passionate about, is using music instruction combined with guidance along your own musical journey.  I want to empower you to become your own teacher.  By giving someone the space to explore, expand, and exercise talents and new skills, learning happens naturally.  It is my joy to watch this happen, and I'm so grateful to be an integral part of the process with each new opportunity.

So if you're wanting music instruction, here's what we can accomplish together:


  • "Basic" guitar info. (parts of the guitar, positioning, strings, tuning, etc)  
  • Introductory concepts in music theory
  • Beginning guitar chords and transitions between each
  • Simple 2, 3, and 4 chord songs
  • Body mechanics for healthy practice and performance


  • Vocal anatomy, health and education
  • Sound production and quality
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Voice-heart connection
  • Performance tips and guided rehearsals


  • Basic song structure
  • Writing melody
  • Creative writing prompts
  • How to apply the tools of mindfulness to songwriting
  • Facilitation of affirmative, soulful songwriting 


And if you're also wanting a life-long, loving relationship with yourself and your art, here's what personal music discovery can offer you:

Guitar, Voice, & Songwriting:

  • Body mechanics for healthy practice and performance
  • A healthy relationship with structure
  • Connection with pieces of music that are most dear to you
  • A safe space to express yourself openly
  • Release of fears and self-doubt through musical expression
  • Enlightening connections between your musical growth and life process
  • A voice-heart connection
  • Vocal anatomy, health, and education
  • Confidence in sharing your music (and the other parts of yourself) with others
  • Mindfulness strategies to relieve performance anxiety
  • Soulful songwriting
  • Creative songwriting prompts to aide in music process


If you are interested in starting private music coaching with me, please send me an email telling me about your interests and goals!  Most people do best on a monthly cycle of lessons, because they're already clear that they're into it.  If you're just exploring the idea though, the first lesson or two can be a trial, and after we will usually both know if there is a confident "Yes!" to meeting on a weekly basis.  These first lessons can be paid for individually (prices below), and at the beginning of the next month you can begin paying for the whole month in advance. 


50-min lessons - $160/month ($40 single session)
30-min. lessons - $120/month ($30 single session)

**lessons are paid for on the first week of each month after a trial period of 1-2 lessons where we'll get to know each other and decide if we'd like to work together on a more regular basis!

Here's the word on the street...

"Asher is super nice, and does a great job teaching on the guitar!  I love playing music because it helps me focus, and it is something I can always do whether I am sad or happy."  - Sammi Shein, 9 yrs

"I have found Asher to be extraordinarily patient, and is always willing to meet me where I am at the moment and gently guide me over the rough spots.  I especially appreciate her willingness to get down into the nitty gritty aspects of music.  We've discussed everything from moving a certain fingertip a fraction of an inch to basic music theory, and she also readily hands me a tissue when I am emotional over song lyrics.  After just a couple of months of lessons I am almost back to where I was when I thought I had given up the guitar forever.  My only regret is that I didn't meet someone like Asher years ago."
 - Janet Patterson

I can't say enough about Asher Leigh as a musical guide.  With her love, presence and coaching I am finally stepping into expressing myself musically.  I have met scared and traumatized parts of myself that are healing and have moved through fear and self doubt.  The safe space she creates has helped me so much!! I want to sing around the campfire, freestyle songs with children, harmonize with other people's songs...  I want to commune via music, and now I have a way to express myself and move through emotions...  Truly these sessions are everything I dreamed they could be, holistic expressive arts and empowerment training.  I am falling in love with playing my guitar and singing and I'm so grateful.  Thank you Asher.  This is an opening I've been waiting for far too long for, and I'm thankfully ready now!!!   - Lizzy Zima