Let's meet you right where you are...

Which of these describes you best in this moment?

1) I am Connecting with My Musical Nature

It feels buried, lost, shaky, or hard to access, but I know it's there...

I'd like to:

* Reunite with my innate sense of musicality

* Discover an internal connection with music

* Connect with the style of music that feels like home for me

* Write an original song (or a few) that feels authentic and true

* Learn to play one of my favorite songs

* Buy an instrument and start taking music lessons

* Refresh my musical connection

* Identify a direct source of music w/in myself


2) I am Completing a Project

The one that's super important to me right now...

I'd like to:

* Successfully complete a crowdfunding campaign in support of my music

* Record a professional music album

* Perform a live show sharing my music

* Complete a book or audiobook related to my music, creativity, or spirituality

* Complete a music tour

* Complete a music-related video

* Host a multi-media performance showcasing my music

3) I am Learning How to Relate with Others Musically

I want to feel more comfortable sharing music with people...

I'd like to:

* Find a mutually supportive music partner or collaborator

* Share my music with others comfortably

* Sing without feeling nervous in groups of people

* Share my music in my work environment

* Connect with people who inspire me musically

* Share authentic musical connections with more people in my community

* Find my musical soul family


4) I am Balancing Life & Music

I'm trying hard to juggle everything, AND take care of myself...

I'd like to:

* Create and stick to supportive self-care routines

* Identify the priorities in my life and align my actions with them

* Integrate music into more of my day-to-day routines and interactions

* Feel the deep sense of connectedness music brings in other aspects of my life

* Create more support for myself in my personal relationships, career, and spirituality

5) I am Supporting, Valuing & Offering My Music in Community

I want to share my music so I can make an impact...

I'd like to:

* Share my music more as a public figure online and/or in person

* Create a website for my music

* Create posters, fliers, and other marketing materials to get the word out about my music events

* Get clear on my artist mission

* Receive monetary compensation for playing/sharing my music

* Share my music in a way that is making a difference in the world

* Create internal systems and routines in support of my creative process

6) I am Expanding My Musical Skills

I'm ready to deepen my musical talent and abilities...

I'd like to:

* Find an emotionally supportive music instructor

* Create a healthy practice routine for myself and stick with it

* Release shame and inner criticism, and enjoy engaging with and learning music freely

* Develop new skills in the instrument(s) of my choice

* Learn music theory

* Grow my skills as a performer and musical leader

* Learn how to harmonize with and support others' music

Your challenges are unique.

And they deserve unique attention.



With support, you'll begin to...


re-connect with your inner voice.

realize your desires.

and access a fulfilling, nourishing, musical life.

First, we get curious...

Oh, the nuanced feelings.


For sensitive individuals, there will likely be emotions your system has when you begin naming & embodying ANY meaningful vision.


How possible do you feel your vision is?

How worthy do you feel of receiving it?

How capable do you feel to create it?


Together, we'll explore these thoughts and feelings in a safe and nurturing environment :)


And then receive.

Mentorship/Coaching Packages