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Music/Artist Bio:

Asher Leigh is a musician based in Asheville, NC singing soul-driven folk - positive, enriching music for everyone, that inspires the soul to know itself more intimately.  Letting her audiences have the full human experience through sound, she offers a captivating vocal performance that oozes authenticity and emotion.  Asher received her initial impulse to create and perform music from contemporary artists and activists such as Jason Mraz, Brett Dennen, and Brandi Carlile.  She continues to be influenced by the music she grew up with, including folk, pop, and alternative rock artists such as Sheryl Crow, Jewel, Lisa Loeb, and others.  Her musical roots grew deeper as she discovered classic artists such as Paul Simon, The Beetles, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Billie Holiday, Emmylou Harris, Nick Drake, etc.  Her original songs are a smooth combination of these artists' genres, including folk, americana, jazz, swing, gospel, and rock, layered with meaningful lyrics that sing stories of self-awareness and insight.  The local music scene of Asheville, NC gets credits as the greatest catalyst for Asher's growth as an artist and a songwriter.  Upon moving to Asheville and beginning to play/perform publicly at the age of 25, discovering her abilities to create music has offered Asher "the greatest gift she has ever received through grace alone."   

Asher creatively uses her performance talents to inspire and entertain audiences of any age.  Vocally-driven original material + classic covers + a deeply engaging stage presence = a refreshingly good time that will quench your thirst for authentic, beautiful music of the soul.  

Sharing stages with local and regional musicians such as Luna Ray, Ellis Paul, David LaMotte, Chris Wilhelm, Ken Chapple, Searra Jade, Ben Phan, Drayton Aldridge, Paul Leech, and others, the mentorship Asher has received has provided her with a foundation of support and friendship.  She has also performed her original music for the TEDx community in Tryon, NC with expressive arts coach and spoken word artist, Jessica Chilton.  

Asher is beginning to perform regularly for smaller intimate house shows, as well as publicly for organizations aligned with community engagement, social justice, environmentalism, and the care of our souls.  She also offers private music lessons by request.

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