sing your soul.

“It was made clear to me that Music is related to everything, especially nature and language; 
but in order to speak it naturally, I had to first make myself a part of it.” 

- Victor Wooten, The Music Lesson

As a songwriter, your truth is asking to be heard.



Open your creative channel.


If you're a songwriter, you'll eventually realize it from a place deep within.  You'll know it because the urge to write and sing will continue beckoning you until you finally give your songs a chance to flow out.  Not only that, but you'll constantly be attracted to people, places, and things that will encourage you to lean into your songwriting gifts -- live music, other songwriters, music stores, etc.

And if you're a songwriter who wants to sing with your soul, you'll need to connect with your inner voice, and bridge this with the external instruments of your choice to let your songs have their full expression.  


Your inner voice is soft and gentle.


And whispering to let music breathe its magic through you...


Some people realize their songwriting gifts and express them easily and with great joy.  If this is you, how wonderful!

For many though, the process of opening up to songwriting is a much deeper process.  For some people the act of writing a song becomes a ritual which offers a window into the soul -- a mixture of unconscious and conscious layers of their mind, heart, and body.

What a powerful practice of getting to know yourself!

Because it IS such a powerful practice, sometimes our identities, values, personality, and ego can get involved with our songwriting practice.  When this happens we can face some fierce resistance to writing songs, even when this is exactly what we've decided we want to do.

Some of the most common limiting beliefs of songwriters include:


"I can't write songs..."

"No one wants to hear what I have to say..."

"There are way better things I could be doing..."

"What's the point, I'm never going to be a professional songwriter..."

"I'm not good enough to write my own music..."

"People would laugh if they ever heard my poetry..."

"I don't have time for it..."

"It's way too hard to sing in front of people..."

"I wouldn't know what to write about..."

"I don't like my singing voice..."

"I'm a musician, but not a songwriter..."

"It's crazy to think I could write songs..."

"I would probably not like what I write, or others wouldn't.."


These critical thoughts are the ones that keep soulful songwriters -- and many other artists -- invisible, shut down, & frustrated within lives we think don't matter.... 



It's time to start listening... 



Believe it or not, if you're hearing these kinds of voices loud and clear, you're on your way to discovering a deep passion for songwriting :)  And within anyone who has this passion, there is a loving voice calling you to write and share yourself through a song...  I'll show you how to cultivate this voice, which has helped me and many others write hundreds of songs.  Your voice of love can inspire you in this way too.  (to hear my latest album, listen HERE!)


This is a song I wrote called Work of Art, which is about the process of hearing my Voice of Love...




You want to write songs that arise from your soul...



First we learn to connect through the body.



Here's the process you'll use to cultivate a connected songwriting practice:



Learning to relax into a creative space, stepping back from the busy nature of our minds.



Listening to our thoughts, feelings, and sensations.



Courageously submerge ourselves more deeply in sensation and emotion.



Self-empathizing with whatever we receive, accepting it fully and completely.



Integrating the mental, emotional, and physical information we receive through written word, melody, and rhythm, allowing it to revealing a new and exciting truth.



This path will nurture your songwriting...

your relationships...

and your life :)





Songwriting Curriculum:

Month 1:

  • Introduction to the WHOLE process of creation, and how to apply it to writing lyrics, composing melody, and pulling together songs 


  • Learning to listen to life through the lens of song


  • Basic song structures that allows your inner songwriter room to shine


  • Placing poetry and prose to familiar, and original melodies


  • Using an instrument to facilitate song in fun, simple ways


Month 2:

  • Practice connecting your every-day life with your musicality


  • Creating meaning from fear, self-doubt, and emotional triggers when they arise


  • Writing lyrics that feel meaningful for you


  • Learning to process thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations through words and melody


  • Allowing creative songwriting prompts to help you begin and solidify lyrics


Month 3:


  • Finding enlightening connections between your musical growth and your life process


  • Developing a strong earth-heart-voice connection


  • Building confidence in sharing your music (and other parts of yourself asking to be seen) with individuals and groups


  • Integrating emotional, creative, and spiritual information and learning to express yourself from a place of wholeness 



The greatest result of connecting with your songs?



belonging with yourself.



You'll also receive:



  • Access to soulful songs that arise naturally from the depths of your heart
  • A feeling of home and inner peace 
  • Musical confidence, and a window into your embodied voice
  • The ability to co-write and create with other artists
  • Basic recordings of your songs for rehearsals and open sharing
  • Feeling seen and heard in your closest relationships
  • Enjoying your alone-time more than you ever have
  • Connection that is always available, regardless of situational circumstances 
  • A deep, ever-lasting, secure connection with Self 
  • 12 consecutive weeks of songwriting coaching sessions
  • Direct and personalized email support, including song-shares, additional lyric ideas and brainstorms, and a safe space to process emotions
  • Weekly curriculum guides which include weekly songwriting prompts, spiritual and emotional groundwork, and creative empowerment
  • Access to group calls which allow you to connect with an active songwriting community (***group availability depends on what is currently being offered)
You are on your way to receiving  songwriting coaching  with me to nurture your creative, spiritual, and personal process...

Your next steps:


Step 1:  Consider your time and energy

How much space to you have available to invest in your songwriting practice?  And are you feeling secure enough to invest money in this direction at this time?  I attempt to make all coaching services as accessible as possible while still honoring their value.  Every bit of time and money you directly invest into your songwriting will be 100% worth it, and you can expect that if you feel the call, and are committed to taking actions that support your songwriting, you will see results.  Although it depends on where you are now, it is recommended that in the beginning you plan to spend 2-3 hours/week on your songwriting practice.

Step 2:  Fill out the form below.
Here we can get clear on where you are, where you want to be, and if this 12-week Songwriting Program is right for you.  Whatever we discover, I honor your courage as you open into this brave path of soul-discovery!
Step 3:  Book a Clarity Call.
I'm looking forward to meeting you!  In a 30-minute free call, we'll explore the beautiful ways your songwriting journey is unfolding, your goals, and your   :)

Time to write and sing! 

"SING YOUR SOUL"  12-week Songwriting Program

  • 50-min sessions
  • $100/session ($400/month)
  • 3-month commitment (12 sessions)


  • Songwriting  coaching delivered on a weekly basis
  • Self-discovery support using the W.H.O.L.E. process of self-expression
  • Access to Level I and Level II Soul~ nspired Songwriting guides and materials
  • Framework to provide yourself with a minimum of 5 completed songs that feel authentic, confident, and clearly communicated



  • A passion for music and song
  • An audible voice
  • Access to a least 1 instrument other than voice that is available for regular songwriting
  • Beginner level knowledge of simple chords and/or technical skill on the instrument you choose to use for your songwriting practice


     Total Investment:  $3600

    Songwriting mentorship/coaching


    **Songwriting coaching is offered in packages due to the investment of both recipient and coach of time, energy, and commitment, as well as the depth of integration being offered :)

    What some songwriters are saying :)


    I can't say enough about Asher as a musical guide.  With her love, presence and coaching I am finally stepping into expressing myself musically.  I have met scared and traumatized parts of myself that are healing and have moved through fear and self doubt.  The safe space she creates has helped me so much!! I want to sing around the campfire, freestyle songs with children, harmonize with other people's songs...  I want to commune via music, and now I have a way to express myself and move through emotions...  Truly these sessions are everything I dreamed they could be, holistic expressive arts and empowerment training.  I am falling in love with playing my guitar and singing and I'm so grateful.  Thank you Asher.  This is an opening I've been waiting for far too long for, and I'm thankfully ready now!!!   ~ Lizzy Zima



    "Asher is super nice, and does a great job!  I love writing songs because it helps me focus, and it is something I can always do whether I am sad or happy."   Sammi Shein, 9 yrs



    "I have found Asher to be extraordinarily patient, and she is always willing to meet me where I am at the moment and gently guide me over the rough spots.  I especially appreciate her willingness to get down into the nitty gritty aspects of music.  My only regret is that I didn't meet someone like Asher years ago.   ~ Janet Patterson