individual & group support for emerging creatives

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?"
 - Mary Oliver

when we listen deeply...

We discover that inside of everyone (including ourselves) is a deep desire to create, become fully expressed in our bodies, and find out how we belong in the place of things.  To align ourselves with our creative expression is not simply a dream, it is our to connect with our Soul's nature -- the very essence of who we are.  I refer to those walking this path as soul~inspired, because that is where the urges, the desires, and ultimately the results all come from.  It's Soul-stuff y'all.  And if you're following this path, the one that leads you straight into the heart of your creative, most vibrant self, you're on your way to becoming an artistic mystic . someone living as a person who has integrated their creativity emotional awareness, and spirituality into one crystal clear, bold identity.  This path is led by pleasure, and strengthened by pain.  It takes grit, but offers gentle compassion every step of the way.  It also requires us to receive support along the way, because likely we haven't grown up knowing this was a possibility for us.  We're starting to sense now that it's not only possible, but actually it's the only way to our true fulfillment.  By connecting in sometimes excruciating ways with the unseen within ourselves, we learn to trust the dreams and visions that emerge when we give them space.  I also believe that embedded within each of us exists a shared dream of a self-sustaining, interconnected harmony and higher creativity.  And guess what?

                  we are all having unique versions of this dream...

My version includes offering deepened confidence, self-worth, and peace to those ready to BE exactly who they were born to be.  If you're ready to live into your most natural desires and callings, whatever they are, I can help you do that with grace, ease, and joy.

There are some unique ways I like to help you surrender, let go, and begin creating the life you want. 

Some of my favorites include:

  • Music, musical expression, & songwriting
  • Visualization & active meditation
  • Creative movement
  • Writing & poetry
  • Breath work & vocalization
  • Visual art & collage
  • Experiential learning activities
  • Engaging with the "classroom of nature"
  • Inner child dialogue
  • Ceremony & ritual
  • Intention & goal-setting


there are SO many ways to receive the miracles of these offerings...

                   below are the ones available right now! 


For dreamers, seekers, & emerging creatives: 

For innovative organizations and non-profits: 

For community friends, music venues, & bookers: