Karen found her creative spark...

"When I walk away from our sessions, I always feel like I have learned something exciting about myself and how to feel more whole.  I trust Asher so much, knowing that her gift is to engage in life fully, and helping others do the same while loving themselves through the process.  I understand now that in loving my creativity, I allow myself to share my gifts in caring and abundant ways with the world.

Working with Asher individually has helped me be so much more confident, assertive, and open with my joy.  As a 56-year old woman it was completely natural and fun to work with a coach who is in a prime place to inspire creativity and purpose."

~ Karen Doucette, pastor & spiritual leader

Melissa found her essential identity...

"When I was considering joining this program, I was concerned that I was over-committing my time and energy.  I was so tired though of not taking any action on my dreams, and filling to-do lists with things that didn't feed my Soul.  In committing to this process, Asher has helped me re-discover my essential identity.  What could be more important?  She is incredibly gifted in her ability to listen deeply and distill information from stories and body language.  I felt deeply heard, which is something I've been missing and is important for my creative process. 

In both 1-on-1 and group settings, Asher's coaching is highly individualized.  Intuitive and compassionate, she helps clarify hidden blocks and challenges I couldn't see.  

Voices of Love offered me alignment of mind, body, spirit, and action, and allowed me to see that life truly can be easy."

~ Melissa Anderson, licensed acupuncturist

Nastassja courageously shared her story...

"Through the process of working with Asher, I've learned to trust myself, my creative bends, and say "no" to critics (both internal and external) who say my work is not following the rules, or is not good enough.  No more second-guessing or believing all that.  The internal wisdom I feel I have more access to now is knowing that my work is respectable.  I now respect ALL my work -- even the work that seems like a failure.  I've come to understand that all creations are composted deep within me, the failures and the milestones, creating more thriving soil for my little seeds to grow and thrive in.  To thrive I need to create, and to create I've got to learn to trust myself.  Receiving support within the Voices of Love process has helped me deepen that trust."

"Walking alongside a coach in this way is very different from an art, or a creative writing class.  In most of these classes you're taught techniques for creating a thing.  Wtih Asher's support, you learn how to go much deeper and transform wounded or overlooked areas into places of insight, compassion, and wisdom.  While therapy and shamanic practices help me make daily life more livable, through this coaching process I've recognized that my path of healing and creating are not separate.  They are actually the same path!"

~ Nastassja Noell, nature-inspired story-teller