support that understands your musician's heart.

The challenges you face are real, and unique. 

Musicians often are wrought with internal struggle.  "Are my passions actually leading to more isolation?  Do I have to be lonely to be an artist?  Is there any way I can find relief from emotional pain besides therapy?  Why do I want this so badly, but never achieve anything I set out to do?" 

The road of being a musician and artist can pose these questions and many more. People who identify with their creativity can feel extremely frustrated that their greatest gifts aren't being unleashed.  Or, some are artistically successful yet personally unfulfilled and empty.  

If you know either of these tragedies, it seems crazy to imagine it being different. 
                                         Yet different is exactly what you want...


You're not crazy. 

And there is nothing wrong with you.


Though you might have convinced yourself that you are flawed in some serious,

un-fixable ways, I can confidently say...   

    You are fine, just the way you are.


    While musicians & artists have unique qualities that can create genius beauty, they may also be challenged  in life, relationships, and walking a healthy path of sustained creativity.    

    Here are some qualities you may notice in yourself:

    •   Heightened sensitivity

    •   Creative thought processes

    •   In-the-moment awareness

    •   Emotional intensity

    •   Ability to connect deeply w/ people

    •   Keen authenticity radar


    Knowing you may be in this population of people, it brings me to an important question...  



    Where is your ache?

    1) Rocky transitions. 

    Musicians are naturally aware of movement.  It can feel challenging moving from one life chapter to the next with joy, ease, and stability.   

    2) Identity confusion. 

    Musicians are constantly asked to define themselves on levels deeper than the average person.  Gender, sexuality, external appearance, musical direction, marketing, and choosing bandmates are some ways your sense of identity could be challenged. 

    3) Relationship sensitivities. 

    Musicians are highly sensitive people.  If not managed properly, these sensitivities can create isolation, fears of closeness, tendencies to want to control others and situations, relationship anxiety, etc which can prevent them from feeling deeply connected in the ways they desire. 

    4) Paralyzing performance anxiety. 

    While most of us have experienced it, for some, performance anxiety is the reason they stop growing into the people and musicians they yearn to be.  Because music is such a vulnerable act of expression that exposes a soft underbelly of creation-in-action, its potential to cause stress is high.  And if you're a musician who has any level of physical trauma in your history, you likely know what I mean when I say a future performance can send you spiraling into a nervous pool of self-doubt and fear that can leave one feeling helpless, and defeated.  

    5) Low self-worth. 

    Everyone at some point faces doubts about themselves.  But for a musician whose self-worth may be tied to their art, feelings of being undervalued and underappreciated can be amplified ten-fold.  In a society where artists are constantly asked to prove and validate their worth, musicians are among those who struggle most with feeling deserving of good things, and believing in their inherent value as humans. 

    6) Addictive/compulsive behavior. 

    It's not new news that musicians often have problems with addiction.  What may be surprising though, is that "addiction" includes things that are often socially acceptable.  And these behaviors can reek just as much havoc in a musician's life as drugs or alcohol.  If you're a musician who feels out of control with your food and eating habits, shopping, social media, relationship drama, etc...  You know that struggle is real, and threatens you stepping into your true potential. 

    7) Fears of failure or success. 

    When you care about something -- anything -- deeply, fears of failing can creep in.  What can also creep in are fears of succeeding in achieving your dreams and visions.  When you're a musician with a heart looking for consistent exposure and growth, you're prone to these kinds of insecurities more frequently.  

    8) Self-sabotage. 

    We all tend to protect ourselves when we anticipate danger, whether it's the pre-historic tiger or a hurtful remark from a friend.  If this fear of danger gets too real, musicians are the first to tell you all the ways they derail themselves from their path of progress.  And it's usually so they can protect their deep, tenderly feeling selves from being hurt in a way they've previously known. 

    9) "Others-focused" worry. 

    Musicians, whether natural introverts or extroverts, are almost always dealing with fears of what other people think of them.  They do something the world deems as incredibly meaningful, and along with that gift they can sense a pressure to "measure up" in a way they're not sure they do.  Musicians who are in the public eye face an even more intense version of this challenge, as they are subject to projections and judgments of others much more frequently than an individual who does not have an identity tied to public exposure. 

    10) Difficulty setting and achieving goals. 

    Often one of the greatest challenges of creatives and artist-types, setting out to achieve something specific can be incredibly difficult for musicians to do without support.  Plagued by procrastination, a desire for complete freedom, or difficulty self-managing, often the musically brilliant need the most support in the areas of general organization and self-accountability. 


    These emotional challenges show up in musician-specific ways...

    And they deserve musician-specific solutions... 

    So what dreams are you ready to discover solutions for, that actually speak to YOU










    in MUSIC...

    you may want:

    ~ Greater organization to your music visions, goals, and action plans

    ~ A finished music project or album

    ~ To become a songwriter or composer

    ~ A steady band, or group of musicians to play with

    ~ Public shows that nourish your soul

    ~ Positive recognition of your value

    ~ Playing regular shows in a way that nourishes you

    ~ A self-managed tour

    ~ Confidence singing/playing in groups of other musicians

    ~ To be able to step back into an active musical community

    ~ To rediscover your "spark" and have fun with music again

    in LIFE...

    you may want:

    ~ A nourishing home life

    ~ To find a steady & healthy romantic partnership

    ~ Inner peace & stability

    ~ Relief from addictive or compulsive patterns

    ~ A community of close friends, your tribe

    ~ A more organized system of managing your responsibilities and goals

    ~ A deeper appreciation for yourself, generally

    ~ Forgiveness and peace with one or more family members

    ~ To re-connect with your "inner child" and learn to relax and have fun 

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