support that knows your innocent, generous heart.

The challenges you face as a purpose-driven person are real, and unique. 

Friend, I'm so glad you're here.  You might be just beginning to discover who you are in your full expression, and what your deepest callings are begging you to step into.  Maybe you're pondering some of the following questions:

"What is my Soul's most joyful purpose?  Does being creative mean I have to play music and draw?  How can I express myself with ease and confidence?  Why does it feel hard to move forward and achieve what I set out to do?"

I welcome you to a very special place where the answers to these questions lie -- your own heart. I know you as someone who has been born to follow a special path, for very special reasons.  This road -- that of following a unique, Soul-directed path -- can feel confusing, frustrating, and at times when we resist it, even painful.  Those who yearn to find and express their creative side often feel that their greatest gifts have yet to be unleashed, almost as if there is something inside of them waiting to burst out.  This can leave even the most innovative and generous people feeling personally unfulfilled, empty, and sensing that ever-beckoning "something more" calling them forth.

What you've seen time and time again, is that it's incredibly hard for you to accept yourself as a "creatively expressed" person, in a way that feels natural and authentic.  You that it's possible, but how?

You're not crazy. 

And there is nothing wrong with you.  


I know, it feels hard.  And it likely feels that way because you are afraid you're embarking on this journey all by yourself.  Let me assure you, you're not alone!  And there is a light at the end of this tunnel that holds the sign saying "Self-Acceptance Is Yours".  Believe it or not, I spent 10 long years struggling on the path of self-love before I finally started truly accepting that I could ask for help.  And as soon as I did, which was a huge internal breakthrough, a presence within me I call the Artistic Mystic -- my mystical AND creative inner guidance system -- began working its magic on me, as well as those I touched.

If you've ever felt powerless in your communication efforts, like no matter what you do you can't succeed in expressing your truth, you will be shocked at what is lying within you that is just waiting for your approval to come out.  Can you believe that within you is a person who is passionate, expressive, and confident?  Can you believe that new levels of depth, playfulness, and pleasure which will enliven your life, are accessible? 

The following affirmation can become your new normal...

    I accept and honor myself as a powerful creator.


    For many of us, at some point in our lives we learned to reject the spiritual gifts that make us unique and special -- which is our creativity.  Some of you have been told they were flaws, and some have simply been influenced by people who couldn't see you for who you really are.  Whatever the reasons, you at some point decided -- consciously or unconsciously -- to repress the big, beautiful essence of who you are at your core:  a spiritual AND creative being having a unique human experience.  It's time, my friend!  To remember these brilliant aspects of yourself, so you can allow your full expression to shine forth!


    Which of these special gifts do you resonate most with? 

    Which would you like to cultivate more deeply?





    I wonder if you've been struggling with...

    1) Indecision. 

    Making decisions feels hard, and may often send you into freeze-mode.  You especially feel this during bigger life transitions.  It can feel challenging moving from one life chapter to the next with joy, ease, and stability, trusting that life is working in your favor.  What you really wish is that you could feel competent to make decisions for yourself led by your inner guidance, instead of by fear.  What you really want is to be enjoying the ride, and not so caught up in the pressure to reach the destination you're expecting.

    2) Identity confusion. 

    You know you're on a "different" kind of path, but where do you fit within it?  There is a constant, nagging sense of not knowing "who I am" that feels insecure.  This could be showing up as external challenges in areas such as gender, sexuality, clothing choices, your career direction, marketing, and choosing friends and/or collaborators.  However it shows up, your sense of identity feels unknown or unstable.  What you yearn for is a secure sense of who you are, and how you fit.

    3) Toxic & unfulfilling relationships. 

    No matter how hard you try and how much you're aware of it, you can't seem to attract relationships into your life that feel healthy and good.  Inevitably, the romances you fall into always seem to reveal toxic emotional patterns that either drain, hurt, or disappoint you.  Maybe you've even found yourself "settling" into long-term partnerships that aren't actually what your Soul craves.  You've exerted tons of energy trying to find and cultivate the authentic partnership connection you desire, but have yet to find the path that leads you to that fulfilling connection you seek.  This struggle leaves you wondering, "Is it even possible?"

    4) Paralyzing performance anxiety. 

    While most of us have experienced it, for some, performance anxiety is the reason they stop growing into their creative, Soul-satisfying selves.  Because anything expressed from the Soul is such a vulnerable act of expression that exposes a soft underbelly of meaningful information, its potential to cause emotional stress is high.  And if you're someone who has any level of physical trauma in your history, you likely know what I mean when I say "sharing yourself" or your creative side can send you spiraling into a nervous pool of self-doubt and fear that can leave one feeling frustrated, helpless, and defeated.  

    5) Low self-worth. 

    Everyone at some point faces doubts about themselves.  But for those on a spiritual path whose self-worth may be tied to their expression, feelings of being undervalued and underappreciated can be amplified ten-fold.  Our society tends to devalue creativity, brushing it off as "just a hobby," which neglects its powerful necessity for anyone on a path to full spiritual expression.  For this reason, those who have sacraficed themselves for others who are now learning to access their creativity are among those who struggle most with feeling deserving of good things, and believing in their inherent value as humans. 

    6) Addictive/compulsive behavior. 

    It's not new news that people like artists and musicians often have problems with addiction.  What may be surprising though, is that "addiction" includes things that are often socially acceptable, and that "healers" and "teachers" and "leaders" often struggle in the same ways.  And these behaviors can reek just as much havoc in someone's life as drugs or alcohol.  If you're a mystic, teacher, leader, or just a regular plain Jane who feels powerless in your food and eating habits, shopping, social media, relationship drama, etc...  You know that struggle is real, and threatens you stepping into your true potential.  Accessing your 

    7) Feeling "missed" in community. 

    While you know you're part of a larger tribe, you often still feel alone and isolated in your work and/or personal life.  You might even have what feel like supportive friends, but are lacking the deeper relationships that consistently feel wholesome, authentic and nourishing to your heart.  You're looking for your Soul Family, and don't feel yet the sense of belonging or recognition that comes with that depth of community connection.  

    8) Creative void. 

    You have a deep inner well of thoughts, feelings, and experiences that you'd like to let pour out through an open channel.  But creative?  That doesn't feel like you or anything you know.  Somehow you believe this capacity is there within you, although you sense that you've not tapped into it yet.  When you see others who are confidently expressed, you feel drawn to them like a bug to a light, and feel your own desires nudging you just a bit more each time.  There is an inner knowing that somehow, creative expression is a part of your journey, and something worth intentionally cultivating more of.  Feeling seen, heard, and understood is a high priority for you, and you're yearning to find out what's lying underneath the surface to be discovered.

    9) Unclear purpose. 

    You often wonder, "What am I really doing with my life?"  Finding out exactly why you were born seems like a high priority, and you are mostly interested in experiences right now that help you learn more answers about this aspect of your life.  Like a deep hunger, you want to feel capable of helping others in a focused, intentional way that feels meaningful to all involved.  Although your purpose path may, or may not be something you're investigating as a career, it is indefinitely something you feel a longing to find clarity within.

    10) Resistance to self-care, relaxation, and/or pleasure. 

    You notice that outside of very basic needs, you tend to avoid giving yourself things that feel excessively comfortable, pleasurable, and delightful to your spirit.  Relaxation may also seem hard for you to lean into, and you find yourself avoiding things that stop the mind's chatter, allowing you to just be with yourself in a kind, soft way.

    11) Sacrificing yourself to take care of others. 

    When you care about anything deeply, you notice fears of failing and/or succeeding creep in.  Sacraficing yourself and your dreams for those of others may have left you wondering if you even have dreams of your own.  What you probably notice when you bring your attention to your own vision, is that it either feels blank, cloudy, or impossible.  This has likely left you with a feeling that you're "settling" for just being supportive to others, when what you really want is to be fully immersed in your own adventure.  Even when you realize this, it feels extremely difficult to put your care for others aside, and focus on yourself and your true desires.

    12) Difficulty setting and achieving goals aligned with your heart. 

    Setting out to achieve something specific is something you've always been able to do.  However when you include your heart into the equation, it feels incredibly difficult to accomplish something that you're emotionally invested in.  Plagued by procrastination, scattered thinking, a desire for complete freedom, or difficulty self-managing, you seem to struggle with general organization and self-accountability.  You might even notice yourself saying often, "I just wish someone would do it for me!"  And yet you desire to feel capable, powerful, and successful in bringing your most meaningful visions into a reality.  


     I have news for you.  The challenges you face are spiritual AND creative...

                And they deserve spiritual AND creative solutions... 

    What if I told you your desires & dreams want to be embodied, by the beautiful POWER of YOU



     CREATIVE dreams



       LIFE dreams



    ALL the dreams

    in your ART...

    you may want:

    ~ Organization for your visions, goals, and action plans

    ~ A finished creative project such as an album, film, etc

    ~ To be more in touch with your creativity through music, songwriting, visual art, etc.

    ~ To attract stable collaborators into your project and/or vision

    ~ To host or facilitate local shows and/or public events that nourish your Soul

    ~ Positive recognition of your value

    ~ To share your original creative work with confidence, peace, and joy

    ~ To travel sharing your gifts of creativity

    ~ To feel secure sharing yourself in groups of other uniquely expressed peers

    ~ To step back into an active community of creatives who you resonate with

    ~ To rediscover your creative "spark" and have fun with the expression of your choice again

    in your LIFE...

    you may want:

    ~ A nourishing, stable, and connected home

    ~ A steady & healthy romantic partnership

    ~ Inner peace & stability as you move through your day-to-day life

    ~ Relief from addictive or compulsive patterns

    ~ To find and cultivate a community of deeper friendships, your Soul Family

    ~ A more organized system of managing your responsibilities and goals

    ~ A deeper appreciation for yourself

    ~ Forgiveness and peace with one or more family members

    ~ To re-connect with your "inner child" and learn to relax and have fun 

    ~ To develop personal routines in your life that provide consistent and stable self-love

    ~ A general connection with your loving inner voice and guidance system

    ~ To become confident in a personal identity related to your sexuality, gender, and/or creativity

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