VOICES OF LOVE: Emotionally-sensitive adult learning for creative seekers

Imagine for just a second that by some unforeseen miracle, you FOUND it.  The connected, joyful life you want, and the way you want to be 100% in it, with an open, fully engaged heart that honors who you are born to be, and what you're made to do....

                   Can you see, taste, and feel it? 

Allow me to paint the picture more clearly. . .


* You are CREATIVELY EXPRESSED and it's lighting you up  

AUTHENTIC LOVE leads you to the relationships you desire

* You embody PURPOSE & DIRECTION clearly and confidently


And you experience MIRACLES on the regular . . .

when you're on   a path of learning designed to guide you, a Soul-Inspired seeker,  

to   discover, ignite, and embody your   CREATIVE   GENIUS   ...

This can be your REAL LIFE...

How much lighter would you be if you could . . . 

         Relieve your primary stresses


  • Indecision and mind fog   faced about where your life is heading

  • Feelings of loneliness and isolation

  • "Figure    it all out"   stress preventing you from dropping into your heart

  • Feeling   unsupported and unseen in relationships

  •  Fear    that you are   "damaged"   "wrong"  or "broken"

  • Difficulty staying in your body  (and loving yourself there)

  • Self-doubt and criticism  that keeps you playing smaller than you'd like

  • Feelings of "stuckness" that keep you from  exciting places you want to go

  • Confusing life circumstances preventing you from moving into your dreams 

Guess what?   You deserve more.

How amazing would it be to embody your exciting visions . . .



  • Engaging with creative projects you've been dreaming of  

  • Becoming a   performer, singer, musician , songwriter,  dancer, painter, etc

  • Playing a leadership role in the  direction of your passion   

  • Developing heartfelt, authentic connections w/ people who    share  your    values

  • Entering into   romance and partnership  that aligns    with who you truly are

  • Discovering your  passions, and finding   work that lights you up every day 

  • Finding   purpose & meaning in your life, and using that to serve  others

  • Creating a home environment that nourishes and nurtures you

  • Sharing yourself and your gifts openly with confidence,  radiance, & joy

  • Being bold & unapologetic when communicating your thoughts & feelings 

  • To feel free in mixed company to play , love, & have fun like a child   


You're not crazy, you're brilliant :)

And if you're ready to receive support that ignites your whole-hearted, people-connected, soul-inspired CREATIVE GENIUS . . .

Let's explore VOICES OF LOVE     together...

Creative Identity

Focus 1

* Self-validation.  Ease loneliness by offering your whole presence to the time you spend with yourself

* Self-recognition.  Remove the facade, and discover the truth of who you really are at the core of your being.

* Self-worth.  Develop a new sense of confidence and security that is obvious to you and others

* Gifts.  Discover your most natural talents, skills, and passions

* Creative breakthroughs.  Experience yourself as a powerful creator, and find the key to accessing your creativity at any given moment

Authentic Relationship

Focus 2

* Connect with your Soul Family aligning personal values and identity with relationships

* Attract creative and romantic partnerships that are easy and free

* Share open-hearted expression with others

* Enjoy feelings of peace, self-appreciation, groundedness, & true power when "performing"

Purposeful Expression

Focus 3

* Service. Allow your true path of giving to naturally emerge without needing to "figure it out"

* Passion & Purpose.  Connect your most exciting ways of being in the world with the needs of others you intimately know

* Career.  Discover the work that lights you up over and over again 

* Fulfillment.  Enjoy richness and meaning flooding into your daily life

Creative Identity - 4 month program

I'm SO excited to see you come alive.