Your goals, your ideal coaching support. What's your current focus...


personal coaching

This is where the rubber meets the road in the most self-loving, honest way.  If you're feeling a need for more general direction, clarity, and stability in your life, working on building a foundation harmonious with who you truly are may be your next supportive step.


voices of love

If you have a specific creative goal you'd like to work on actualizing and embodying -- singing, songwriting, recording an album, live performance, creative writing, story-telling, visual art, etc -- Here you will receive support in restructuring the way you approach creating, and develop deeper self-trust as you learn to share yourself and your voice with an open heart.

Your budding BUSINESS?

Creatively called

If your expression is sending you now in the direction of serving others with your whole heart as a career path, developing your business idea will be an investment well worth your time and effort.  Here, we'll get crystal clear on your service identity, your innate gifts, and how they translate to a paid service you'll be offering to others.

For all the earthy creatives, I got you.

There's only one way to find out if there's "something more" than what you're experiencing now, and it's to explore some unknowns . . .

I'm thrilled to go there with you.  Are you ready to discover some new ways of embodying your most honest Self? 


Book a FREE Clarity Call below.  Here you'll discover your next courageous steps towards clarity :) 


And if you're like me and are asking, "Yeah, but HOW am I going to actualize my vision . . .?"

These are the ways I help you feel your ground, hear your truth, and take embodied steps:


Music,  artistic expression, & songwriting 

 Visualization & active meditation 

Creative movement 

Writing & poetry 

Breath work & vocalization 

Visual art & collage 

Experiential learning activities 

Engaging with the "classroom of nature" 

Inner child discovery

Ceremony & ritual 

Intentions, affirmations, & goal-setting

      I look forward to hearing more of you!