you've got a whole lot of good in there...

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with this one wild and precious life?"
 - Mary Oliver

Is it time friend?  Is it time for you to find that inexhaustible, unshakable, big dream-able passion that can only be known by you, to see, hear, feel, learn, and BE ???    


If it is that time, I've got a whole lot of support for you as you find the whole lot of good stuff you're wanting to let shine out.  In my work with people just like you, there are a few ways I enjoy helping you along your process of gaining clarity about who you are, and what you want to express in the world.

These are the body-honoring creative tools we'll work with --


Music,  artistic expression, & songwriting 

 Visualization & active meditation 

Creative movement 

Writing & poetry 

Breath work & vocalization 

Visual art & collage 

Experiential learning activities 

Engaging with the "classroom of nature" 

Inner child discovery

Ceremony & ritual 

Intentions, affirmations, & goal-setting


Dreams are a funny business.  Achieving your dreams could just as easily be described as "creative planning" or "birthing a vision."  And having been doing this for over 10 years now, I've been humbled in realizing that there is no such thing as having a dream all by yourself.  We are creatures of tribe, and as much as we'd like to admit it, we're not meant to be alone.  What we are meant to do is uniquely express the essence of who we are as individuals ----> (enter creativity).  

I refer to anyone walking this path knowingly as soul~inspired:  Expressing oneself from a place sourced from deep, spiritual connection.

When you're living a soul-inspired life (which i ultimately think everyone is), you realize that your urges, desires, and ultimately the results all come from a place that is connected with all things.  It's Soul-stuff y'all.  And the path is where we'll walk together, leading you straight into the heart of your creative, most vibrant self,

I also believe that embedded within each of us exists a shared dream of a self-sustaining, interconnected harmony and higher creativity. 


   What needs clarified, so you can EMBODY it? 


Receive focused loving, nurturing guidance through 1-on-1 coaching . . .

Play and practice sharing yourself in creative activation groups . . .

Receive integrated emotional support and guidance for your business . . .