commonly asked questions.

What does Soul Expression mean? 

When we are living from a place that is connected from within, we are in touch with ourselves as a spiritual presence engaging with the world through an imperfect human experience.  This is the foundation of all forms of connection, including to our physical form, our minds, and our emotions, as well as other people.  Many of us have experienced what I call Soul Loss, which occurs when we consciously or unconsciously disconnect from certain aspects of this spiritual nature.  In someone who has either maintained, or recovered an awareness of their true identity, the following are indicators that their Soul’s nature is being expressed: 

  • Confident, authentic communication
  • Inner peace within
  • Willingness to experience negative emotions 
  • Emotional vulnerability 
  • Service to a unique Higher Purpose in life, either in vocation or avocation 
  • Ease in creative and artistic expression 
  • A sense of “togetherness” and substance 
  • Access to pure, childlike joy 
  • Healthy, positive, and secure attachments with themselves and other people 
  • Love for the natural world 


What are some of the ways a person might experience Soul Loss? 

Experiences such as childhood trauma, emotional neglect and/or abuse, severe bullying or public shaming, the loss of an important relationship, a lost or failed creative dream, an abrupt career transition can all create a separation from Soul and the resulting need for a false self.  


If someone has lost touch with their true identity, how can they recover it? 

The decision to approach the question, “Who am I?” with humility and courage is the first step.  Beyond that, inviting your Soul to express itself becomes a practice, and eventually a way of life.  

The W.H.O.L.E. process of Soul-inspired communication can be used to integrate and access your full expression using the following practices: 

W ait 

H ear 

O pen 

L earn 

E xpress 


What kinds of support/guidance can I receive while I’m discovering my true voice? 

Asher offers individual coaching sessions, group workshops, and long-term programs that all offer different levels of support.  

If you are interested in scheduling a free 30-minute consultation, please contact her HERE. 


What results will using the W.H.O.L.E. practice of Soul~inspired communication create in my life? 

Using this process is a powerful, and effective tool of transformation that has the potential to produce immediate results, even after the first time you engage with it.  Most of the time though, these results are the product of a continued practice.  It is the grounded application in daily life of expressing oneself authentically from the Soul, that creates lasting change. 

Some common results include the following: 

  • Ease and flow in creating meaningfully
  • Visible increases in confidence while expressing yourself 
  • Greater emotional stability throughout daily life 
  • Cultivation of a loving, harmonious home environment that feels like a sanctuary 
  • Inner peace you can access at any chosen moment 
  • Purposeful work that is aligned with your Soul’s full expression 
  • Completion of important creative projects that you’ve never been able to finish successfully 
  • Successfully attracting romantic partners who are aligned with who you truly are 
  • The sense of being “whole” and “complete” 
  • The ability to play innocently again like a child 


How is Soul Expression Coaching different than seeing a therapist? 

Therapy is an amazing experience that ideally offers someone a safe space to process deep emotions and experiences, hopefully resulting in greater feelings of peace, fulfillment, and joy.  Although in many ways, Soul Expression Coaching aims for the same results, the process used in getting there is different.  Most quality therapists will focus more on the process of healing rather than trying to achieve certain results, and this is quite appropriate for the depths at which they are working with clients.  Soul Expression Coaching differentiates from this approach in that it is a path-oriented modality always connecting insight with inspired action.  It assumes that your Soul is directing you on your journey and is leading you towards your true desires, which outlines the very clear path you’ll be walking with support.  Another difference between this approach and traditional talk therapy, is that your creative expression is a central aspect of your healing and growth process.  By cultivating your emotionally and spiritually connected voice, you continue to strengthen your sense of self and learn to authentically communicate with yourself and the outside world. 

When you receive support through Soul Coaching, they are receiving a combination of emotional integration, creative coaching, and spiritual guidance.  (imagine that your therapist, music instructor, and pastor were combined into one person!  this is basically how it feels.)


Who benefits most from Soul Expression Coaching? 

People who wish to embody their highest form of expression and are ready to receive support in doing so will see immediate results when they apply this rich process to their lives.  The three categories of people who benefit most are:

   1) Creative/Spiritual Seekers

   2) Artists & Musicians, and 

   3) Holistic Service Professionals


Some specific populations within each of these groups are.... 

  • Those in recovery from addictive/compulsive behaviors of any kind 
  • People suffering from unspecific or unidentified grief 
  • Adults dealing with the effects of childhood trauma, abuse, or neglect 
  • Artists wishing to move beyond creative blocks 
  • Spiritual seekers looking for their creative voice 
  • Entrepreneurs struggling with confidence and/or public speaking 
  • Musicians and artists who want to finish a public project that will help them expand 
  • LGBTQ individuals who struggle with self-worth and/or identity
  • Adults dealing with issues related to their family relatives 
  • Creatives in the midst of a significant career transition 
  • Hobby artists and musicians who'd like to grow their confidence and take their expression to the next level
  • Young adults who feel like they are having an existential crisis