commonly asked questions.

What does "Soul~Inspired" mean? 

When we are living and creating from a place that is connected from within, we are in touch with ourselves as a spiritual presence engaging with the world through an imperfect human experience.  This is the foundation I aim to create music (and everything else) from.  When we sing, play, and create from an inspired place that is whole and complete, our expression takes on a different quality.  When a musician or artist has either maintained, or recovered an awareness of their true identity, the following are indicators that their Soul’s nature is being expressed: 

  • Confident, authentic communication through their chosen artistic medium
  • Inner peace within
  • Willingness to experience all feelings
  • Emotional vulnerability with others
  • Service to a unique Higher Purpose in life, either in vocation or avocation 
  • Ease in musical and artistic expression 
  • A sense of “togetherness” and substance 
  • Access to pure, childlike joy 
  • Healthy, positive, and secure attachments with themselves and other people 
  • Love for the natural world 


What kinds of people respond best to Personal and Business Coaching? 

People who are open-minded, willing and ready to receive support, and action-oriented are great fits for receiving coaching.  Specifically, creatives who would describe themselves in the following ways are ideal for working with me as a coach:

Soul-Inspired.  Living a life guided by the Soul

Body-honoring.  Respecting and listening to the body as a first priority

Authentically-expressed.  Bringing honesty and vulnerability to their music and expression of self

Growth-oriented.  Valuing personal, creative, and professional growth

Purpose-filled.  Believing in the vision of spreading peace, joy, and love to others through music


Some specific populations of people who consistently benefit from this work are Caring Creatives who are: 

  • Stably inn recovery from addictive/compulsive behaviors of any kind 
  • Supporting themselves emotionally through therapy and other healing modalities 
  • Remembering their childlike innocence and joy
  • Ready to move beyond creative challenges and accept themselves
  • Re-kindling or re-creating their image or voice
  • Building confidence and/or public speaking as an entrepreneur
  • Desiring to finish a public project that will help them expand 
  • LGBTQ individuals stepping into greater self-worth and inner security
  • Saying yes to healthy forms of relationship, career, and spirituality 
  • Stably employed and approaching a career transition into entrepreneurship
  • Taking their self-expression to the next level of brilliance
  • Experiencing an awakening of creative potential, and looking for support in that area


What is the primary process you use to help musicians heal and grow? 

A decision to approach the question, “Who am I?” with humility and courage is the first step.  Beyond that, those who are already on a path of Soul simply need a positive mirror, and a loving space to integrate and feel their unique beauty and intelligence.  


The W.H.O.L.E. process is a unique way for can be used to integrate and access your full expression using the following practices: 

W ait  -  Dropping the focused activity of the mind and entering into a relaxed, free space of receiving

H ear  -  Listening with curiosity to where your attention is directed, both outwardly and inwardly

O pen  -  Allowing what you notice to evolve and deepen into a full expression of emotion

L ove  -  Offering compassionate loving presence to whatever thoughts, feelings, or ideas that show up

E xpress  -  Communicating about any part of the experience from an embodied, loving place within


What kinds of support/guidance can people receive? 

The services I offer are all clearly outlined HERE.  If you're excited to step forward now, I offer a 30-minute consultation call to explore what exactly you're looking for, where you are now, and where you'd like to be.  You can book your call HERE.


What results can I expect to see in my life? 

Though working with a coach is powerful, it is completely dependent on what you invest in your own process.  The potential to produce immediate results, even after the first time you engage deeply with a coach, is always present.  Through continuing to show up with an open mind, the sustainable results you'll experience are the product of your continued practice.  You probably witnessed your slow growth as an person and parent, a creator..... And similarly, receiving coaching now for your creative and life goals requires the grounded application of consistent, specific actions.  This is what creates lasting change, and ultimately, it's what will get you to where you want to be.

Some common results include the following: 

  • Ease and flow in creating meaningfully
  • Visible increases in confidence while expressing yourself 
  • Greater emotional stability throughout daily life 
  • Cultivation of a loving, harmonious home environment that feels like a sanctuary 
  • Inner peace you can access at any chosen moment 
  • Purposeful work that is aligned with your Soul’s full expression 
  • Completion of important creative projects that you’ve never been able to finish successfully 
  • Successfully attracting romantic partners who are aligned with who you truly are 
  • The sense of being “whole” and “complete” 
  • The ability to play innocently again like a child 


How is Coaching different than seeing a therapist? 

Therapy is an amazing experience that ideally offers someone a safe space to process deep emotions and experiences, hopefully resulting in greater feelings of peace, fulfillment, and joy.  Although in many ways, Holistic Musician Coaching aims for the same results, the process used in getting there is different.  Most quality therapists will focus more on the process of healing rather than trying to achieve certain results, and this is quite appropriate for the depths at which they are working with clients.  Holistic Musician Coaching differs from this approach in that it is a path-oriented modality always connecting insight with inspired action.  It assumes that your Soul is directing you on your journey and is leading you towards your true desires, which outlines the very clear path you’ll be walking with support.  Another difference between this approach and traditional talk therapy, is that your creative expression is a central aspect of your healing and growth process.  By cultivating your emotionally and spiritually connected voice, you continue to strengthen your sense of self and learn to authentically communicate with yourself and the outside world. 

When you receive support through soulful coaching, the value is a combination of emotional integration, creative support, and spiritual guidance.  The result is feeling like you have access to a mentor, a creative director, and spiritual guide all in one person.


What will my Coaching Sessions be like?  

Whether you are receiving individual or group coaching, your sessions are designed to offer you clarity, motivation, and MEGA-inspiration.  All sessions have the primary goal of helping you identify and release limitations, clarify your desires, and inspire you to take the inspired actions moving you closer to you want to create.  Using this model with a skilled coach who can help expand your perspective is a kick-ass way to get out of your "stuckness" and into living your best life.


Some common tools used in both groups and individual sessions are:

  • Guided visualizations
  • Singing and songwriting (as tool for connecting with yourself and others)
  • Creative writing and focused journal prompts
  • Focused music listening and expression
  • Improvisation and role play exercises
  • Visual art and drawing
  • Fear inventories 
  • Authentic movement and dance
  • Somatic witnessing
  • Focused self-inquiry (from coach and yourself)
  • Brainstorms
  • Reflective listening exercises
  • Intentional goal-setting


What if I'm scared to invest money into creative Personal or Business Coaching? 

Money is a form of energy.  And as with all forms of energy, we choose where we direct it and what it means to us.

Here are some questions I'd encourage you to ask yourself if you've never invested a large sum of money into yourself, your growth, and the results you want to create:

  • What are my desires and dreams really worth to me?
  • Do I feel confident that this person, the professional I am considering working with, can help me achieve my goals?
  • Does it seem that this is the right time to make a deeper commitment to myself and this particular path?
  • How much synchronicity do I notice when I lean into making this investment?  Does it feel like things come together, or become more scattered?  Get clearer, or more foggy?  Does it feel like things open up, or shut down?  What information does my body give me about the possibility of this being my next step?
  • If I knew I only had 1 year left to live, would I be satisfied with my life?  If no, will the results I want to create lead to that fulfillment?
  • When I think about receiving support that is exactly what I've been needing, what feelings do I notice?  Does this support feel like that?
  • And when I think of all the insignificant things I've spent money on in the past, large and small, how does that encourage me to invest in something life-changing and meaningful to me, those I care for, and those I inspire?