Hi, I'm Asher Leigh.

soul ~ inspired

(adj):  a way of being arising from inner wisdom, true desire, curiosity, and compassion, resulting in clear, loving, and authentic expression which invites us into deep belonging with Self, Other, and God.



photo by:  Erica Mueller

Who I am.

Central to my heart are mystical spirituality, music and art, serving others, laughing and loving, and living a pleasurable, free, and enjoyable life.  Originally from West Virginia, my musical roots extend back to Jack Rollins, Hazel Dickens, and Kathy Mattea.  You can catch hints of all these genres in my music, though I'd call alternative folk my home.  I've always loved the simplistic beauty of long, drawn-out melodies combined with harmony, simple arrangements, and friends to sing along with.  Call me old-fashioned, but sitting around a campfire or living room with a stack of songs and a few friends who have nothing better to do feels just as good as being at a concert hall with a stage and microphone.  My musical heart lives in relationships, each person in my life informs the service work that is most dear to me, and aligning with this purposeful work fuels my inspiration, which leads me to learn more about myself and find new ways of expressing that through song.  It's an ever-present loop that I've learned to embrace wholeheartedly with care, and I wish for each person to know the gifts of living a soul-inspired life.  

Song as Ritual.

Songwriting is many things for many people.  Through my lens, I have come to see it as a ritual through which we offer full presence to the essence of one moment in our lives, and allow it to have meaning through an embodied expression of thought, emotion, and organized sound.

Each song I have written and completed is an integration of feelings, thoughts, and body sensations.  When a song "happens" it's way into existence I am in awe, because this process changes me inherently every time.  


And isn't this the definition of ritual

      Crossing a threshold with heightened presence, which has us experiencing ourselves as different after, than we were before . . .  


I approach songwriting as a sacred experience that helps me:

  • to honor and celebrate
  • to move through rites of passage
  • to let go of and release what is heavy
  • to create new possibility
  • to mark something that feels important
  • to remember (and keep remembering)
  • to acknowledge beauty
  • to validate significance
  • to open and receive support
  • to make direct contact with the unknown, with Mystery
  • to ask questions we don't know the answer to
  • to affirm values and beliefs
  • to find humor and lightness in the truth
  • to reveal the truth

            to reveal what feels true...  

     to reveal my personal truth....

to be more true...

    to reveal myself, as I live in Truth.

Support for your creative awakening.

Being a musician is a birthright, just as any creative endeavor.  We all have a musical channel of communication within us as an expression of spirit and heart.  Sound and frequency are divine expressions of who we are as humans, and music is a beautifully-organized group of sounds that reminds us of our nature.


                Experiencing music from within and allowing it to express itself

                        naturally through the body is a mystical experience.  


Some are aware of the opportunity music allows us to align with our spiritual nature.  Through the years I've come to value music for many reasons, which include self-realization, emotional regulation, and building healthy relationship connections.  Primarily though, I sing because I am called to connect with the Mystery of creation, and share that with others.

I happened to discover my musicianship in my early adulthood at age 25.  Because of this timing, I also feel called to inspire other adult musicians to deepen their own identities, purpose, and creative potential by engaging with singing, songwriting, and performance.  In using body-honoring and intuitively guided approaches to creating, musicians on a healing journey of self-love can enjoy the connection of creating and sharing the music that lives in their hearts.

looking for soulful, creative growth?

Groups & Events

Providing you with safe spaces that offer  creative, spiritual, and emotionally-connected stimulation in service to you.  As you participate in groups that engage your expression in fun and adventurous ways, you inevitably taste the gifts of vulnerability as you step into your role as a creative service leader.


You can also connect freely...


  • Newsletter including brief doses of inspiration and emotional tools to aide in purposeful connection, as well as updates on upcoming music events, shows, workshops, etc

  • FB & Instagram pages for more daily inspiration, digital coaching opportunities, live videos, etc   

  • Workshops and Trainings for musicians, helping professionals, creative artist leaders, and other communities teaching the value of creative spirituality and how to access it to live and serve more fully

  • Public Speaking at events, conferences, and groups seeking inspiring creative figures to share on topics related to art, spirituality, & emotional health & well being

With great fear comes the capacity for great courage, and thus is the story how I realized myself as a creative...  

I am the most ordinary person you will ever meet.  Simplicity is what allows my Soul to rest -- walks in the woods,  eating healthy foods, taking care of my body, and pretty much anything else in nature.  I have also learned to see myself as extraordinary.  Extraordinary because of the unique lens from which I view that simple life, and the various ways I express these perspectives.  This spectrum of identity -- from ordinary to extraordinary -- is now the foundation of my life, and my creative process.  We are all such miracles just waiting to be noticed!  My dear wish is to help you open to your natural ability to SEE, HEAR, FEEL, LEARN, and EXPRESS.  This process of creation is big, bold, and has the power to infinitely turn the ordinary into extraordinary, and bring us all back into alignment with the natural harmony we're all making our way to. 


My dream: 


To see an end to war in my lifetime.  

To see an end to emotional repression. 

To see an end to the detrimental effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

To see an end to the destruction of nature. 

To see an end to artistic starvation. 

To see an end to poverty. 

To see an end to abuses of power.  


To know a world that knows peace. 

To feel the joy of being alive and connected. 

To see the power of forgiveness. 

To express the miracle of creation. 






much love, & many thanks, 

asher leigh