for all the dreamers, like me...

Fulfilling your dreams means believing in yourself and getting real about what honestly brings you joy.  Wanna create and step into your best life?  Soak in ridiculously satisfying, radically awe-inspiring experiences and let them happen over, and over again.

nice to meet you.

With great fear comes the capacity for great courage, and thus is the story of my becoming a creative... 

I am the most ordinary person you will ever meet.  Simplicity is what allows my Soul to rest -- walks in the woods,  eating healthy foods, taking care of my body, and pretty much anything else in nature.  I have also learned to see myself as extraordinary.  Extraordinary because of the unique lens from which I view that simple life, and the various ways I express that perspective.  This spectrum of identity -- from ordinary to extraordinary -- is now the foundation of my life, and my creative process.  We are such miracles just waiting to be noticed!  My dear wish is to help you open to your natural ability to SEE, HEAR, FEEL, LEARN, and EXPRESS.  This process of creation is big, bold, and has the power to infinitely turn the ordinary into extraordinary, and bring us all back into alignment with the natural harmony we're all making our way to.


My dream? 


To see an end to war in my lifetime. 

To see an end to emotional repression.

To see an end to the detrimental effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

To see an end to the destruction of nature.

To see an end to artistic starvation.

To see an end to poverty.

To see an end to abuses of power. 


To know a world that knows peace.

To feel the joy of being alive and connected.

To see the power of forgiveness.

To express the miracle of creation.




As a creator -- and especially in the role of musician -- my role is to create musical stories that honors what I see, and which contribute to a more healthy and connected world.  Because I have seen the immense (and quick) transformation possible when creative energy is mobilized and shared mindfully, I believe in its capacity to create world wide peace, harmony, and community.

I hope you enjoy the music and other offerings you discover here.  May they soothe your Soul as they have mine! 


much love, & many thanks,

asher leigh