"Believing in your dreams means believing in yourself.  One will certainly not become a reality without the other."

~ asher leigh

nice to meet you.

With great fear comes the capacity for great courage, and thus is the story of my becoming a musician...

I am the most ordinary person you will ever meet.  Simplicity is what allows my Soul to rest -- walks in the woods,  eating healthy foods, taking care of my body, and pretty much anything else in nature.  I have also come to see myself as extraordinary.  Extraordinary because of the unique lens from which I view life, and the various ways I express that perspective.  I will be learning about this spectrum of identity -- from ordinary to extraordinary -- for the rest of my life.  And my hope is that I can inspire others to explore it within themselves too.

My dream of dreams, is for us to see an end to war in my lifetime. 

The war we make on ourselves.  The war we make with others.  And the war we make with our planet.  

As a musician and songwriter, my role is to create musical stories that honors what I see, and which contribute to a more healthy and connected world.  Because I have seen the immense (and quick) transformation possible when music is shared mindfully, I believe in its capacity to create world wide peace, harmony, and community.

I hope you enjoy the music you discover here, and more so that you allow it to effect you in some way.  It is the greatest compliment to hear that someone was moved by something that flowed through innocently, serving me as deeply as it served you.  

Since questions are the window to my Soul, I ask them every day.  If we ever meet in person, maybe we could ask each other one that's calling?


much love, & many thanks,

asher leigh