Finding the Song Within: 2016 debut EP, As I Am now available online!

When I began playing music about 7 years ago, I wasn't really sure what I wanted or who I was.  And I surely was clueless as to what music meant to me.  Through all the twists and turns life has generously offered me, I'm not sure any of that is any different.  And yet, something has shifted....

I am now 32 years old, and while I may not know a damn thing about what life ultimately means or where mine is going, I have learned one very important lesson:  How to love myself through every single experience I go through. (Of course, sometimes I need reminded of that lesson.  That's probably why the songs come...)

In dreaming for years about what I would name my first album, I tried to meticulously think up the right words to describe what my music has been about.  As you can imagine, I came up with many different titles as time passed.  By about the 50th option that felt like "exactly" the right one, I realized what was happening.  With each passing moment I gain new insights and place different meanings on my experiences.  One day, my life might be about joy.  The next it might be about growing up.  And on the next the most important thing to know about me may be that I grew up as an only child, giving myself talk show interviews in front of my bedroom mirror at nights (most of the time I was naked, as if this was the way everyone did interviews).  I eventually stopped trying to name my album before the time of its creation had arrived, because I recognized that the particular group of songs I'd record would name themselves when the time was right.  

This is the group of songs that wanted to reveal themselves, and it was really clear to me that they are each different ways I have learned to do the most honest, yet simple task I've ever known:  Accept myself exactly, As I Am.  

Here's to each of you doing the same.  :)  And if you're really into it, I'd suggest checking out the lyrics.  They're listed below the audio.

(Check out the new album HERE!)

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