Voices of Love - FREE Online Training

Musicians, artists, and creatives of all kinds -- I invite you to join this Voices of Love information session where you will surely hear something that speaks to you!

In this FREE weekly group training, I'll discuss common reasons many artists feel stuck, halted, and/or frustrated as they move along on their creative journeys. I'll also share my signature process of W.H.O.L.E.-hearted creation, which has provided many with a consistent way to tap into your creative source, and express yourself from a place of worthiness, confidence, and appreciation.

Whether you are a musician ready to make your next big leap, or a groovy person ready to dig deeper into your passion and purpose, you belong with us here!


Oct 14th ~ Releasing the guilt and shame cycle

Oct 21st ~ Fear, and how it can help you THRIVE

Oct 28th ~ Self-talk, and the ways it makes or breaks you